Two Male Peas in a Republican Pod and other Recent Tweets 8/21/2012 8:38 AM ET

RT Paul Ryan and Todd Akin, co-sponsors of their own anti-choice bill, two male peas in a Republican pod: 
The one admirable thing Romney did in MA was create Obamacare.
Dukakis created the Massachusetts miracle. Employable folk fled Massachusetts in the face of Romney's subsequent ineptitude.
Obama is vastly better for business than Romney. Just as Clinton was better than both Bushes.
Decorous or not, GOP is hell bent on zapping abortion rights.
Fear will not win for Democrats. But honest risk assessment and a commitment to fairness can.
President Obama on the Romney-Ryan Tax Plan - Rochester, NH - YouTube 
It's almost. Don't worry about beating the GOP. They'll do it on their own.
Ryan just surpassed Sarah Palin as a GOP liability. He can shake Ayn Rand but not his rape-definition partner Akin.
Wow. An issue a day that isn't the economy or jobs. Do I hear the GOP falling into a deep, deep hole?
Ryan Romney ease diminishing a trifle as Ryan's Akin compatibility is assessed. 
GOP doesn't need a 60 page manual defining what it means to be a Republican. Today it means Romney Neo-Con or Tea Party or Both.
RT : A chart may help explain why a majority of Americans favour taxing the richest more heavily
Mitt's efforts to smash Obama on welfare are laughable, boring and reflect the intellectual abyss he and his woeful campaign occupy.
Unlike Sister Souljah, Akin is running for a key Senate seat. Will Romney ice him? Go Claire! 
Mitt Romney's purpose: Defend Big Oil and its global hold on everything at any cost, just like W and Cheney.…
The President did cut Medicare to pay for Obamacare and things are vastly better for seniors. What's the beef, Mitt?
One thing's for sure. President Obama is whipping Mitt on the political front. Maintaining his margin as Mitt is supposed to be rising.
Mitt can't even release the two years he promised - at least so far.
 Please mention that our prospective GOP nominee for President has been a cop impersonator.
Scott Brown calls on Akin to drop out of Missouri Senate race after rape comments - Political Intelligence - A nationa…
Boston Globe exposed Romney as a cop impersonator. Rest of media mum. 
Forget everything else. It has always been GOP versus Obama.
As GOP Blocks Obama - "a typical middle-class family of four will see its taxes go up by $2,200 on January 1." 
The myopic media is now acting as though Mitt Romneyis no longer a pathological liar 
We are seeing the tide of journalistic myopia meet the tide of aggressive truth-telling regarding Mitt 
Romney is having a proctological problem over Akin and Ryan and himself. At what point will they stop killing women?
GOP antics cannot blind us to the fact that GOP has stalled millions of infrastructure jobs by doing nothing in Congress.
While GOP is marketing Mitt we at Twitter will be explaining why he is toxic to all Americans 
Get Serious Boycott Koch Products Updated August 20, 2012 | ShortFormContent at Blogger 
Remember W and the effort to warn people about him Bush became Legit and Dan Rather was crucified 
The current GOP narrative is that everything that points to the truth about Mitt Romney is a fabrication of a Chicag…
RT : Breaking NYT - Fed Leaning Closer to New Stimulus if No Growth Seen 
Messaging is up to all of us. And on Twitter good messaging can rise to the top and anyone can write the winning one.

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