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Mitt Romney Budget Buster - David Leonhardt Ignores 1/20/09 Conspiracy Against President Obama

Romney’s First 100 Days Could Bring Significant Change - "“We’re having a real debate about the size and scope of government,” says Senator John Cornyn of Texas, who is overseeing the Republicans’ Senate campaigns. “If Governor Romney and Congressman Ryan win, as I expect they will, they can justly claim a mandate, and I think it will make it much easier to do the hard things we all know need to be done.”"

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The New York Times has gone beyond giving the benefit of a doubt to telling outright lies. Such is the piece by Pulitzer winner David Leonhardt. It is a Koch-sized tissue of lies. I shall merely note a few high points and invite you to see if you do not agree with me that at bottom the Times accepts as reality the efficacy of the Wall Street-Greenwich axis as the Best Hope of America.

He quotes Grover Norquist as though the man was anything other than a destroyer. I think at bottom Leonhardt believes that Norquist nostrums are not toxic.

He implies that President Obama does not embrace the reasonable understandings that gave rise to Simpson-Bowles and spawned the current conflict. It is precisely because Obama is reasonable that he remains the best hope - even for establishment mandarins like Leonhardt.

And incredibly he assumes that the President actually enacted his agenda at the start when in fact he enacted only a modest portion of a change agenda that is still largely frustrated by GOP criminality. I use the term criminality advisedly. It was criminal for Cornyn's associate John Kyl and Paul Ryan and others to meet for four hours the night the President was inaugurated to plot his downfall and place their oath to serve all Americans in jeopardy. Since that date, no achievement of the President has been made without a stone wall of resistance, breached only when the shame of the betrayal conflicted with the clear self interest of the conspirators.

Read the entire piece and weep. For myself, I will redouble efforts to state the truth as I see it. Barack Obama preempted the GOP of yore and made them so mad that they have made apoplexy into a national disease and now have billions of dollars to make that Big Lie stick. This blog is a small effort to deconstruct this perfidy.

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