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RT What has Obama Done? Here Are 194 Accomplishments! With Citations! (The PCTC Blog ) 
If it is so obvious Romney is lying why is this not noted in every MSM story about him?
Ryan's returns are odd. His wife is an heiress. He has conflicts of interest.
Ryan cannot even do elementary math. He claims subtraction when Obama performed addition.
The best defense against Swiftboat nonsense is Obama's conspicuous reticence about taking credit for or even noting his accomplishments
Mitt's taxes can be inferred from other things than his return. We know a good deal about his investments and most of it raises questions.
Obama's ad defending on Medicare is hardly defensive. Where do these Hardball subs get off?
RT : Tell John Boehner to remove Michele Bachmann over her attacks on Muslim Americans! 
Dukakis and Patrick were/are massively better MA Governors than Romney ever dreamed of being. He was a joke.
Ryan added Five Trillion to the Bush deficit without batting an eye. No conservative he. 
"Obama reforms for seniors and middle class. Ryan dismantles for the rich.”"  /twilah
 Everyone needs to boycott Koch products as much as possible & pressure businesses to do likewise.
Divided government will be kaput in January. Either Dems or GOP will hold most power. Dems will be for all. GOP versus all.
The Koch economy is in a century long death throe struggling to hold on. Hasten the death to save the earth. 
Kochs make billions destroying the earth with poisons and littering it with junk and seeing that we keep driving our lives away.
Romney Ryan support warming planetary destruction over-consumption massive oil subsidies and oil wars.
Romney's plan eliminates free preventative services immediately.

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