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War on women, Obama trusted, GOP conspiracy & Other Recent Tweets 8/23/12 8:06 AM

No prime time in Tampa for Ann Romney  /more GOP war on women?
Exposed: GOP 1/20/09 Block-Obama Conspiracy. Ryan was there!
Three deaths in progress haunt the right wing - proselytizing religion, fossil fuels and society itself as we have known it.
Elizabeth Warren is right. Scott Brown will vote for the radical Republican agenda. We need her to help lead a Dem Senate majority.
Vision for the future: increasingly car-free, integral living with work, residence, education, etc. in walkiing distance. Beyond Green
RT from this am. GOP too divided to govern too right wing to risk (possible campaign slogan)
Story of the 1/20/12 GOP anti-Obama conspiracy finally spreading. Ryan was at the center of it.
 Please do not become the George Wallace of 2012. Reinstate early and fair voting in Ohio. The problem is NOT fixed.
Tell Secretary of State Jon Husted to reinstate fair early voting rules!
Romney has been consistent on abortion. He will repeal Rowe v Wade.
Climate change denial is present in all who build dreams on oil and cars and sprawl.
Pennsylvania's voter obstruction is venal and tragic and an army is forming there to teach the GOP a lesson called democracy.
If you think fracking is bad (it also sucks) google "diluted bitumen" to envision Romneyworld when fracking comes to a lot next to you
Julian Assange should be given free passage to Equador and the US should remove its formidable paws from suppression of whistleblowers.
Passing Obama jobs program and massively aiding struggling homeowners would also aid the economy.
Passing Obama tax proposal now would avert a depression for which the GOP would be responsible.
RT : Romney's Twitter followers were not coming in organically.  This story has the goods on Romney Faker
Run against Koch and Adelson and Rove and Singer. Tie these donors to evils just as onerous as Bain evils 
"Muslim activists blame right-wing political rhetoric for creating a climate of hate.",  /end the silence

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