Hold on if this is Arab Spring Two wait for Arab Spring Three

This Arab Spring is a Peircean blunt truth Second
Spring Two is organized like the Tea Party
a force of intolerance
of unhelpfulness
of anti democracy
and most of all of idolatry
All seconds have a Third
The Third will be a United States beyond
the nightmare of Romneyism
And an Arab complex
beyond the hard right forces there
The Third Arab Spring
will witness a literal leap of
from the horrible patriarchy that still holds sway
and the liberation of  
of religionists from
the lesser elements which plague all religions
most specifically the Abrahamic faiths
Abba's way is the Third Spring Way
and triumphs because it manifests the values inherent in all people
Do not be cowed by the Second Sham Arab Spring
Understand that a wiser growing up will occur
Both in the Arab sphere
and here as well
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