Why is dormant money uncertain - because the future is becoming obvious

Trillions sitting in banks not knowing what will happen
Don't blame it on regulations
Don't blame it on anyone
Blame it on the realities we know but will not face
We know and will not face climate change
It is a fact not a political matter
We know and will not face the end of oil
It doesn't look that way but oil is finite
It will run out and in any case will become prohibitively expensive
We know and will not face the economic disfunctionality
of sprawl
Sprawl spreads us too thin to create viable local economies
Sprawl requires a commuter society at the wheel driving everythere
Sprawl requires you to invest in two cash cows - for vulture capitalism
A policy that says we will make more 
concentrated communities that are car free
where one can walk to whatever one needs within a mile 
and where streets are safe for kids and everyone else
and where we begin to articulate neighborhood
and neighborliness once again
is the actual solution
We are on the verge of this awareness but few have 
the will to proclaim it
So we live with the very worst uncertainty
Where everything that happens is not quite real anymore
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