PT How a Twitter Army Can Stop the Romney Ryan Lie Machine and Help The Democrats Regain Control

It is very simple
I shall lay it out in recent Tweets
We need to Tweet Bomb traitorous 1/20/09 Stop Obama plotters named here. buff.ly/KLbEuw
Ryan, Norquist, Coburn, Kyl, etc.
This contains the basic message we need to push
"This year the GOP Willie Horton Swift Boat strategy will backfire big time" 
We need to recognize that we lead
It is not the media but us who generate media response
The story of the 1/20/09 GOP meeting to 
determine to stonewall every Obama initiative
was out there but you cannot activate a story universally until
it hits the NYT
Yesterday it did in an editorial
The NYTimes wraps its editorial mind around the GOP Conspiracy of 1/20/09 - 
now report it in depth! | ShortFormContent… http://buff.ly/N3a8DH
It took this to make Chris Matthews aware of its importance
Now the stone has been pushed almost to the top of the mountain
But it needs a push
We will get this done
It will get done when the NYT begins to weave it into the fabric of its news stories
We have already helped in the initial pushing
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