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PT Twitter Addresses of GOP Conspirators to Destroy Obama Presidency of 1/20/09

I have written all those with Twitter addresses.
I invite all to compose their own messages and work
to expose the reality
described here -
Where Is The Outrage? or When is Treachery Not UnAmerican? - A Patriotic American - Open Salon
Only our effort thus far has worked bit by bit to budge the MSM to some sort of honesty
@ericccantor You attended the four hour 1/20/09 meet to block every Obama initiative. You put party ahead of country. 
@kevinomccarthy  You were one of the GOP plotters who determined to stop Obama on day one 1/20/09. You placed party first. 
@RepPaulRyan You have lied consistently. On 1/20/09 you met to stop Obama on day one. That is the truth and you will lose because of it. 
@PeteSessions  On 1/20/09 you joined other GOP leaders in setting the course for four years of Obama destruction. Betraying your trust. 
@RepHensarling  You and other GOP leaders on 1/20/09 vowed to block the Chief Executive at every turn, placing party above country. 
@petehoekstra  You advised GOP colleagues 1/20/09 on blocking the Chief Executive and essentially making the country ungovernable. Shame!
Rep. Dan Lundgren has no Twitter account but was one of the 1/20/09 GOP conspirators who agreed to make the nation ungovernable.

@JimDeMint  You and GOP colleagues agreed 1/20/09 to cripple your government to 
win back the House and Senate. That conspiracy is exposed.
 History will remember you as a part of the Anti-Obama Conspiracy of 1/20/09. History will call you a traitor.

@TomCoburn You violated your oath when you met and conspired with GOP leaders 1/20/09. You defended party, not country. Shame!

Ex-Sen. John Ensign's Twitter account is protected. He was at the 1/20/09 Conspiracy meeting of GOP leaders to bring down the President.

 You conspired 1/20/09 to do in the President - to block him at every turn, violating your oath to place country first.

@FredBarnes Do you feel a trace of shame for having been at the 1/20/09 GOP meet which set the betrayal of Obama ahead of national security?

 You are the father of betraying the country by putting party first. Not surprising you were at the 1/20/09 meet to get Obama.

 Care to reveal your part in the 1/20/12 GOP meet to stop Obama in his tracks? Did you set it up? Who did?
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