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Starting to look as though the country is on to the Ryan Romney game and will laugh their billion dollar juggernaut all the way to defeat & other recent tweets. 9/5/12 7:45 AM ET

Starting to look as though the country is on to the Ryan Romney game and will laugh their billion dollar juggernaut all the way to defeat.

Nate Silver sets President Obama victory chance at 76.3% a continuing rise 

Not many people know it, but the Democratic Party supports a ban on assault weapons. 

All other sciences without exception depend upon the principles of mathematics; and mathematics borrows nothing from them but hints. - CSP

Ryan and Romney are tools of so many government-sucking special interests that they will do nothing about deficit until 2040.

Deval Patrick makes Paul Ryan look like damaged goods.

More power in one minute of the Convention in Charlotte than in three days at Tampa.

"Women in America cannot trust Mitt Romney." Nor Ryan a heartbeat away.

2016 movie is a large lie of the birther variety, done by someone of apparent intelligence who has a seriously impaired intellect.

The Billion Dollar GOP Big Lie Machine will roll over us like a tsunami by election day. Hopefully it will disgust the vast majority.

Dems have more support now than they had in 2009. The ball is totally in our court. Get out the votes. Expose the fascist-tending GOP.

Finally Brian Schweitzer says what every Democrat should say. The Congress GOP and other nefarious GOP leaders plotted from day one.

Any other President would have been unable to keep his/her head knowing that there was a GOP Conspiracy from the gitgo

RT : RT this map to spread the word about how Mitt Romney's GOP endorsers are attacking women's rights:

Gloves Off Why We Are 1000 Times Better off Now than Four Years Ago 

RT : When Mitt Romney says where are the jobs we say where are the taxes.

Romney forces have confidence that they can win. It is up to Dems/us to keep the pressure on to the max no matter how…

RT Romney's main pursuit at Bain was making money via offshore loopholes and investments that squeezed folk in poor countries.

Paul Ryan Hexed - Now he’s a veritable poster boy for hyperbole and hypocrisy /not to mention non-stop lying 

Nate's Obama numbers continue to creep skyward and he debunks the GOP silly slogans. Somewhere on the Web there is rea…

Obama spirit of 08 is NOT gone, GOP inspires scorn, not fear. Our Convention will prove both /NYT jumping to conclusi…

RT : GOP won a pig in a poke with their debt ceiling antics and now want to blame their stupidity on the President.

We are better off than four years ago. The only thing that threatens our progress is the GOP which has consistently an… 

Romney wins the small donor booby prize - Obama has around double the small donors. And we can outraise Romney in Sepr…

The only way we are worse off than four years ago that today the GOP has turned into a security risk, a palpable threa…

Romney did more to disqualify himself than all the money we spent to define him. The real reason he is not yet toppled… 

So Mitt is having committions (sic) over being associated with the KKK forgetting that the KKK was once the spitting i… 

Vulture capitalism thrives on sprawl culture selling cheap goods that keep people satisfied with social disfunctionali… 

Romney's forte is exactly what Obama said it is - robbing the poor to help the rich. Romney + GOP 1/20/09 Conspirators… 

Romney's main pursuit at Bain was making money via offshore loopholes and investments that squeezed folk in poor count…

PT How a Twitter Army Can Stop the Romney Ryan Lie Machine and Help The Democrats Regain Control | ShortFormContent at…

Let's send this: Good Luck, Mr. President! - DSCC: Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee  /Remember the GOP Conspira…

Economic recovery beyond sprawl, racism and climate change denial 

The reason growth sags in China is because they bought into the sprawl pattern of the USA 

The creation or evolving of car-free, integral communities is the key to jobs and environment now and in the future 

PT Twitter Addresses of GOP Conspirators to Destroy Obama Presidency of 1/20/09 | ShortFormContent at Blogger 

A sneak peek into what is coming in the cyber world when we wake from our torpor | ShortFormContent at Blogger 

Obama's so-called "conventional" style is to rope-a-dope the GOP into the worst submission it will ever know 

Obama keeps moving up over Romney on the only reliable gauge out there - that would be Nate Silver 

Obama is for wind energy - Romney would zap it to line the pockets of billionaires /HP +Video 

Obamacare is long term and it works - Romney can't think beyond his nose /NYT opinion 

Glad it's Obama and not Romney dealing with Iran and Israel /NYT

In order to really win we need not only reelect the President but to send Karl Rove and his billionaires packing beca… 

Today's Vanity Fair version of the GOP conspiracy to Block Obama outs Frank Luntz as ringleader. MSM remains silent to…

Registered voters pick Obama by a percentage point says Gallup on the same day Nate Silver elevates the Obama margin t…

Rev. Sun Myung Moon, Korean Evangelist Who Founded Unification Church, Dies at 92, A.P. Reports 

Car free communities are the revolutionary sustainable future and the only solution to fossil fuel hell. Alternative f… 

In Mittspeak taxes are fees, government is the rich man's cash cow, and anything false is the truth. 

Mitt hates government so we can kiss goodbye to beaches, parks, recreation and so forth. 

Mitt would squelch wind power and suck up to his Big Oil paymasters Koch and Co. 

Valerie rocks. “She is the single most influential person in the Obama White House.” 

We cannot tell the story of the last four years without being out front about the Conspiracy of 1/20/12 

Mitt's argument is pathetic.Freedom and fair governance are complementary. The American people want both. Go back to C…

Mitt seems to be missing the bounce needed to give him upward momentum. Figures. 

Mitt's Ohio gamble - Full force to bear on President Obama with a hailstorm of ads and nonstop campaigning 

Romney's Former Company Under Investigation For Tax Evasion | ThinkProgress 

We are in a holding pattern in rough weather to get the 1/20/09 conspiracy story front and center 
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