PT The Coming GOP Revenge Machine Full Force Last Days Watch Out Beware Revised 9/6/12

Barack Obama now has three in four chance of winning
according to the best prognosticator Nate Silver

The only chance Romney has is the one he has always had - 
trying to win with a wall of bullying attack ads

Koch, Adelson, Luntz, Norquist, Rove are behind the same 
eight ball McCain was four years ago 

Romney-Ryan can only win by lies unlimited money 
and voter suppression

Romney's noxious lieutenants can only win by unfair
effort to suppress and discourage every Obama vote

Romney and Ryan have shown every inclination to 
embrace the Big Lie


We who support Obama Biden will MARCH to the polls 
early on election day

We will alert our friends and neighbors to every Romney
Ryan big lie until they become a laughing stock

We will work now on the assumption that the biggest
Big Lie attack will come at the close of the campaign

Those of us who communicate online will uncover and refute
every Romney-Ryan lie as they appear 
We will assume nothing is won until Barack Obama wins on Nov. 6
along with a majority in the Senate and hopefully the House as well

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