My. Open Letter To President Obama - Unmasking a Pathological Liar

Dear Mr. President -
If you feel the world is turning against you
take heart
It is clear that you have never had to share the stage
with a pathological liar
whose idea of fun is to don a state trooper uniform
and stop hapless drivers
and if they are female
to intimidate them
This is the America you caught sight of
as you grew to adulthood
Last night it hit you head on
I saw the classic facial responses
One said I've been 'buked and I've been scorned
The other said I was blind but now I see
and did not refer to salvation 
but to the pathological liar standing to your right
Mr. President
it is your peculiar destiny to carry a mantle
no less heavy than that which Lincoln wore
You face a person Satan if there was a Satan
could not design with more precision
I see you in the aftermath of last night's debate 
shaking your head
and saying something like what Gram Parsons said in 
Hickory Wind -  that trouble is real
What you saw is that all the efforts your campaign made
to plumb Mitt were getting at the truth
and that the truth is much worse that you thought
You were not just drawing a cartoon
you were getting at the very flip side of
of the relativism that we must all grasp to move forward
You Sir know that tolerance and helpfulness
democracy and non-idolatry
are the only things that speak 
to our condition if we would move the world forward  
Last night you endured the worst that can be thrown at you
from a man for whom
tolerance is a chimera and an impossibility
 and helpfulness is parsimonious if necessary
and democracy is a thing to be manipulated or bought
and idolatry of money and power and self
is standard
That this man is also a pathological liar
may at first conceal
that at bottom it is his rejection of these values
that makes it mandatory
that he not attain power
Last night you took his measure 
and were shocked
Today you see with clearing eye
the challenge
You must shock him into revealing who he really is
You or Joe Biden must
raise the issues you thought 
possibly unfair
I shall copy here your agenda 
It will unmask him
Ask about his cop impersonation and bullying
Ask about his relationship with Paul Singer and other vulture capitalists
Ask about his offshore accounts and other hidden deals
Ask about his move hard right 
Ask about his views on SCOTUS
Ask him about  his out-sized IRA 
Ask him about his Neo-Con Bush associations 
Ask him about the casualties of his Bain years
Ask about his foreign investments in bad debt
and his squeezing of folk in other countries
Ask what his 47 percent speech says of tolerance
Ask what it says of helpfulness
Ask what it says about democracy
Take heart Mr. President
To win you must unmask
a pathological liar
Do not be deluded
Do not be afraid to call him that
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