Romney Debate Lies Refuted - One lie per promise

An Unhelpful Presidential Debate - NYTimes.com: "On health care, Mr. Romney pretended that he had an actual plan to replace the Affordable Care Act, and that it covered pre-existing conditions. He has no such plan, and his false claim finally roused the president to his only strong moment of the evening. The country doesn’t know the details, he said, of how Mr. Romney would replace Wall Street reform, or health care reform, or tax increases on the rich because Republicans don’t want people to understand the hard trade-offs involved in these decisions."

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Affordable Care? Mitt lied. Wall Street reform? Mitt lied. Taxing the rich? Mitt lied. Mitt is a master of lies and it will take a month for most to wake up. Just in time to send him to a retirement funded largely by us - contributors by virtue of paying taxes to a country he systematically plundered from the start. Don't believe me? Read the above. Still don't believe? Do your own research. Start with Vanity Fair. Or this blog.

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