Three Salient Tweets and a Homily on Interpretation


Pragmaticist=someone who is pragmatic but who also cleaves to a way of tolerance, democracy, helpfulness and non-idolatry.
The President is more like us than the cult like slaves of idolatries and religions who believe they have the Truth. He is a pragmataciist.
Those who cry liberty include the same folk who love our neocon wars "to spread liberty" = AKA serfdom for all but those who cry liberty.

The three tweets above are why I am for Barack Obama
Pragmatacist stems from Charles Sanders Peirce
I reject as futile efforts to claim anyone as MY authority
Representing we know another is a a waste of time
We gather gifts from others 
What we do with them 
comes out of us not them
Values I name I have inferred from others
and happily commend to all
Tolerance helpfulness democracy non-idoolatry
I happily pick from the trees of Nietzsche Peirce Pirsig Millett
and others
and sample them
as we all do I suspect
Have a nice day 

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The image is called Seeking Solace
I am not sure why 

Evil is measured by relative degrees of harm.

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