How Should The East Coast Prepare for the Inevitable

Until we move from binary to triadic thinking
from pragmatism to pragmaticism
from proselytizing to universalism
we will be doomed to make the wrong decisions
and celebrate them as master achievements
Thus Manhattan contemplates building
big flood blockades
that will protect Wall Street and inundate Brooklyn
or some such silliness
The brutal truth is that we are already doomed to
an ongoing deluge and will 
be doomed to the current painful agonies
until we answer affirmative to the following proposition
The solution to flooding and tidal inundation
is to either create or move to higher ground
and build our dwellings there
The pragmaticist obligation
is to stop lavishing attention on the sexy notion 
of  diverting future tidal inundations
with monstrous blockades
(the binary way)
and instead to assume
that any level above an anticipated inundation level
is the level at which it is safe to create places to be occupied
by children and women and men and pets
From this premise many fine premises can be elaborated
Top First is the Sign of Unity in Diversity
Second is the cold reality of our penchant for inundation
Third is the happy intended result of a creative
collision of First and Second
issuing in
specific new solutions to
the problem of higher ground 
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From Binary to Triadic April 23, 2018

The Slow as Molasses Press