Thoughts on Perpetual Habit Creation - A Pragmaticist Meditation

It is well-known that we are creatures of habit
but do we think about it much I think not
Each day calls us to new reflections
and only when we are at ease with them do they
morph through the stages of consideration to become
bona fide habits
A habit is what you do without needing to think
much about it
It is a product of belief
One might habitually repeat a prayer
or some simple ritual of daily life
But if my experience is illustrative
habits themselves are continually
in some sort of flux
When that is true you no longer
believe in your habit so strongly
that you will not experiment to change it


We think in threes
The first is our declension of reality
The second wrestling with it in some way
The third always experiment


When a habit is fixed it vacates this downward elevator
until such time as doubt creeps in and belief is nudged
and a new sign gets us thinking again
and we refine or change or move along
Thus do we become LESS creatures of habit
and more free nomads of a universe that itself
changes and progresses

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