We will not get the change we need until we are willing to articulate what it is

Yes or no

We want smaller schools we can walk to 
with teachers who are part of the community

We want the option of working from home 
or at work spaces we can walk to

We want neighborhoods that are face to face
and safe from speeding traffic

We want a mix of things we associate with cities
scaled down to serve local communities

We want enough diversity near at hand so we
can create a vibrant local economy

We do not need to drive to shop if
shopping becomes selecting at cyber-kiosks
staffed by experts

We would prefer home delivery if we could select
from the world at a cyber-kiosk
we could walk to

We would prefer a car-free community that is
designed as a unified structure
that is eco-sufficient

I recognize that much of this is not even
within the purview of planners
but it should be

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