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Share your concern for Native American communities

AIRC Home | American Indian Relief Council:

"Native Americans living on the rural and remote reservations of the Northern Plains struggle daily with isolation, limited employment opportunities, and a harsh and resource-poor environment. Poverty is all too common and weighs most heavily on those who are most fragile — the elderly, children and families.

Through the American Indian Relief Council (AIRC), we help bring about positive changes in their own communities.

We offer a helping hand, not a handout."

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Manhattan Bully Wars (1947)

Manhattan Bully Wars (1947):
"Stars appeared all around the arena. Adam saw them. He saw them become trees. He saw multicolored branches stretching upward like supplicating hands beckoning him into the penumbra of movement. Undulating streaks of color almost flamelike. Star-trees. Not moving. Buffeted. Waving. Anchored. Summoning. Moving yet not moving.
Adam watched. He continued to skate. No one else saw them. They were his. Sent to him. As real as breath. As real as the skaters moving to the music. They were a gift. A message. A solace. A hello."

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Gradually posting the whole thing here.

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S&P under Bush 2 and Obama

CHARTS: What Romney Doesn’t Want You Talking About — Except In ‘Quiet Rooms’ | TPMDC:

"As an investment professional, i am always surprised that the following stats are rearely, if ever, discussed:

S&P 500 12/31/92 Clinton Begins Term 435.71
S&P 500 12/31/00 Clinton Out/Bush In 1500.64 244% Increase
S&P 500 12/31/08 Bush Out/Obama In 903.25 40% Decrease
S&P 500 12/31/11 Most Recent Y/E 1257.6 39% Increase Since Taking Office

It seems contradictory to me that anyone, especially the 1%'ers, would not see this. It is hard to believe that their core wealth can be increased more by the policies favoring them than by market growth."

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A great picture of Mitt, salient text and charts to boot

CHARTS: What Romney Doesn’t Want You Talking About — Except In ‘Quiet Rooms’ | TPMDC: "“[W]e can’t go back to the type of policies that exacerbated the rise in inequality and threatened economic mobility in the first place if we want an economy that builds the middle class,” said Alan Krueger, chairman of President Obama’s Council of Economic Advisers. “This means that we must adequately regulate excess risk-taking and corrupt practices in financial markets. It also means that we can’t go back to tax policies that didn’t generate faster economic growth or jobs, but rather increased inequality. Instead of going backwards, we should adhere to principles like the Buffett Rule, which states that those making more than $1 million should not pay a lower share of their income in taxes than middle class families. We should also end unnecessary tax cuts for the wealthy, and return the estate tax to what it was in 2009.”"

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Eating at your keyboard in Manhattan - one

I am partial to Au Bon PainThere are three of them within a block of my keyboardI have a metal cross between a plate and a pie tin mottled blueIn it between me and my monitors isA half eaten Jalopeno bagelSome unsalted butter and some lite cream cheeseAll from Au Bon PainTaking a bite now and thenIs a great pleasure for meI make my own coffeeAnd imbibe it all  daySomehow it enables me to relaxIced with milk and a dollop of Whipped CreamNo I am not obeseI exerciseWhen I got my bagels this AMI walked for a half an hour around Macy's and Herald SquareIf there was no Au Bon PainI would consider movingNow I'll put the other half of the bagelIn the fridgeRing up my sources and the NYT and see what is doing
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Mindfulness is Abba's gift to us

Mindfulness is Abba's gift to usThe only thing required is our trustMindfulness retrieves all that is lostAbba makes our minds clear without cost
At the base of every page on this blog is aSingable or chant-able or recite-able versionOf the Lord's prayerThe only prayer that Jesus commended to his disciplesThe reason is it contains everythingRepeated daily more than once It becomes the vehicle for great gratitudeAnd for hallowing Abba who is within us all
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Setting up a rush for brown fat cells

Phys Ed: Exercise Hormone Keeps Us Healthy - "So it would seem that exercise, through the actions of irisin, can render you healthy, if not svelte."

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This is a longish read on a subject on which the last word has yet to be spoken. The conclusion noted above is the best short form summation, I think.. See if you agree. (I can see the infomercials coming as we speak.)

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Education is the real job creator, not Bain

The Value of Teachers - "Some Republicans worry that a federal role in education smacks of socialism. On the contrary, schools represent a tough-minded business investment in our economic future. And, increasingly, we’re getting solid evidence of what reforms may help: teacher evaluations based on student performance, higher pay and prestige for good teachers, dismissals for weak teachers."

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To see how Bain educates us, try this:

ShortFormContent at Blogger: The Full Romney Video

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There have been no delicate moments in the Afghan war

U.S. Deplores Video of Marines Urinating on Taliban - "KABUL, Afghanistan — A video showing four United States Marines urinating on three dead Taliban fighters provoked anger and condemnation on Thursday in Afghanistan and around the world, raising fears in Washington that the images could incite anti-American sentiment at a particularly delicate moment in the decade-old Afghan war."

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This is an Obama gamble that will be no more than a very expensive wash, if that. We need to get out and to look to our culture. We have a culture in which fully half the people would probably approve of the mindless action of those in the video. That means we are a bullying-inclined culture, that our values are askew, that tolerance, democracy, helpfulness and non-idolatry are less than honored. That is sad and that is reason enough to quit Afghanistan before more videos tell the same sad story.

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Myanmar Pardons More than 600 Detainees

Myanmar Frees Prominent Political Activists - "BANGKOK — In its most significant prisoner release to date, Myanmar on Friday freed a number of prominent political activists in a step toward meeting the demands of Western nations as they move toward more cooperative relations with the country’s new military-backed civilian government, according to news reports."

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The Full Romney Video

When Mutt Romney Came To Town

Cap Tip Ron
I'd say it's Romney who has the greater empathy problem.
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