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Mitt's new debate coach needs some truth serum

Mitt's new debate coach needs some truth serumSeems his winning performance last night was littered with lies aka fibsAs for example - he actually has some Fanny and Freddie that are NOT in a blind trust That fact will come back to bite him because AP chased it downHe also lied or otherwise prevaricated about his participation in a slur adIt did not come from his PAC and he approves of it in his own voice
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Governor's Pardons in Mississippi - An Evaluation

See ShortFormContent at Blogger: Charles Sanders Peirce - A Collection of Threes:

Governor's Pardons in Mississippi - An Evaluation

Many Pardon Applicants Stressed Connection to Mississippi Governor -

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Pardoning has a quality of mercy. Nevertheless the fact is that the Governor's actions had a pattern of preference based on social and political relationships Therefore they seem tainted.
Some of the cases where pardons occurred resulted from a combination of hubris and chance - as in deaths due to drunk driving. The law metes out penalties deemed just by society. The habitual issuance of pardons is strained when, as in this case, there was a larger than normal number of pardons based on possibly skewed criteria.
It would be nice if all punishments were remedial. Today punishment is more retribution than remedy. And the use of pardons seems a frail means of changing things. With millions in jail growing old and presenting no danger to society, a…

Charles Sanders Peirce - A Collection of Threes

Threes contain monads and dyads
Triads for thoughtBeat BinaryTriangles being infinitely expandable 
The first is the vague and undefinable realityThe second somehow modifies and adds to the firstThe third brings the first and second to a point of action actuality manifestation hypothesis experiment Peirce's is a progressive evolutionary realistic philosophy
Possible triangles, as 
1 Quality

2 Relation              3  Representation

Indices      Symbols

Propositions       Arguments
Hypothesis (Abduction)

Induction                     Deduction 

Object         Interpretant
Speculative Grammar

Critic              Methodeutic

Normative Science       Metaphysics

Ethics               Logic

Sense of reaction         Sense of generalization

Matter             Evolution

Law              Habit-taking

Secondness          Thirdness

Brute Actuality   The sign's soul
(Possible triangles drawn from Bre…

Mitch Daniels makes Mitt look manic

Jobs, Jobs and Cars -

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Mitch Daniels turned out to be yet another GOP State of The Union Reply Failure. He did it by getting his basic facts entirely wrong. He cast Steve Jobs as someone who had created more jobs than the President without observing that Jobs had led industry in moving jobs out of the U. S. Apple has 43,000 employees in America and 700,000 workers somewhere else. That didn't stop Mitch. I must confess I could not watch the speech. It was terminally boring. I watched it long enough to conclude that if the GOP wants him to be the nominee, bring him on. He makes Mitt look manic. Oh, and he was a W budget director. That is a wonderful credit. Maybe he crafted the reason why we are broke.
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Another sensible Obama move

Obama to Link Aid for Colleges to Affordability - "President Obama is proposing a financial aid overhaul that for the first time would tie colleges’ eligibility for campus-based aid programs — Perkins loans, work-study jobs and supplemental grants for low-income students — to the institutions’ success in improving affordability and value for students, administration officials said."

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Another sensible Obama move The President appears to have his groove While GOP sorts fuss and fight Obama wins the day by doing right

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Newt More or Less Stepped in It

ShortFormContent at Blogger: Newt has Romney over a barrel:

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Last night was Newt's first serious come uppance
He was stopped in his tracks by Mitt's retort A joyous media is dancing on Newt's grave It seems a blind trust functions as a last resort

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John Lennon John Sinclair Video 1971

John Lennon John Sinclair Video 1971

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Limning the suburbs in words video

Devinull Poetry Archive 13- Suburb Speak - YouTube: "You are an arrogant ponce. Your verse clearly shows that you are full of yourself and rather pleased with yourself. It also clearly shows you looking down your nose at "normal" people. You have a moronic accent that doesn't belong to any geographical location on earth, hair styled by a retarded chimpanzee and a fat lethargic body bought in McDonalds. You are clearly intelligent, but your "poetry" doesn't convey that, your "poetry" conveys a smarmy, silver spoon fed arrogance and disdain!
fearthepriest71 3 years ago

You see, this goes to show the wide gulf of perceptions. In my mind I considered this a very subtle meditation on my life within the suburbs, and on learning to disregard the petty asshole and the material anxieties of suburban living. It's meant to go from hatred and a contempt to a tone of 'wait, why am I hating these people so much'? My hair is unmanageably curly (e…

Arcade Fire, Suburbs, Sonic Youth, Subtle Fusion, Spotify Playlist

Spotify Playlist Sprawl
Arcade Fire and others comment on the pervasiveness of sprawl and attendant evils.

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How President Obama Trumps Romney on Capitalism

Revised May Day, 2012

Romney's defect - he is the face of non-productive, inequitable capitalism. Obama takes up the mantle of productive American capitalism.

Romney faces backward - the terms grass roots, beyond oil and cyber mean nothing to him but to the President they would suggest a coming time of government-stimulated experimentation, building, testing, creating. The very things Braudel saw as the most dynamic aspects of capitalism.
On this May Day, let us concede that capitalism is a fact. It can either manifest new genius and new productivity or sit there after long years of domination and kill us.
Romney represents the conservative, retrograde form of death-dealing capitalism which the Kochs embody.  Obama represents the not-yet sclerotic, not-yet effective force of the Nascent Next Thing.
The Nascent Next Thing is a creative reinvention of life, of local existence.  It is recovering face to face, reclaiming and enhancing public space,  creating local scenes that work. It is …

Perhaps "Fregean Revolution" needs some revision

Abstract. The historiography of logic conceives of a Fregean revolution in which modern mathematical logic (also called symbolic logic) has replaced Aristotelian logic. The preeminent expositors of this conception are Jean van Heijenoort (1912–1986) and Donald Angus Gillies. The innovations and characteristics that comprise mathematical logic and distinguish it from Aristotelian logic, according to this conception, created ex nihlo by Gottlob Frege (1848–1925) in his Begriffsschrift of 1879, and with Bertrand Russell (1872–1970) as its chief This position likewise understands the algebraic logic of Augustus De Morgan (1806–1871), George Boole (1815–1864), Charles Sanders Peirce (1838–1914), and Ernst Schröder (1841–1902) as belonging to the Aristotelian tradition. The “Booleans” are understood, from this vantage point, to merely have rewritten Aristotelian syllogistic in algebraic guise.

The most detailed listing and elaboration of Frege’s innovations, and the characteristics that …