Join me and millions of others in liking Obamacare.

Sometimes words coined in spite become the battle-cry of movements that prevail in history. "Methodists" was originally a term of derision aimed at the followers of John and Charles Wesley. 

Now Obamacare is the cry of millions who benefit from it and are thankful. 

Join me and millions of others in liking Obamacare. 

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Charles Sanders Peirce - Thinking in Threes

I cannot imagine Willard Mitt Romney as President

This video is why I am glad that Barack Obama is President
He is - as the Bard said - an ever-fixed bark who looks on tempests
and is never shaken - close, but finally the one who says
and does the right thing in a universe where no action
is ever wholly right

Charles Sanders Peirce - Thinking in Threes

President Barack Obama Versus The Hate Mongers

Frank Schaeffer: Obama Is Now and Will Be a Great President: "If you think that president Obama played the Republicans in the last lame duck congress like a violin just wait until after 2012 when the rotten Tea Party will be about as relevant as 1930s hate monger radio priest: Charles Coughlin (the 'father' of hate radio), is today."

Sure there are things I feel President Obama needs to do that he has not done. Like pardon Bradley Manning.

But over all I am thankful every day that we are watching the right compound its own false premises and the left and center begin to coalesce around the man who took the all Americans meme and ran with it.

Karl Rove and his cronies should likely be in jail

Karl Rove and his cronies should likely be in jail
They violate the law by disguising political shock troops
advertising their tawdry enterprises 
tax exempt organizations 
bearing deceptive humane positive names 
that disguise their clear political goals

The IRS should prosecute immediately

Charles Sanders Peirce - Thinking in Threes

Patrick Kennedy Speaks Out

Salient Email:

You may remember the attack ads and outright lies that Republicans threw our way during the health care fight two years ago. Their dirty tactics know no bounds.
And now with the disastrous Citizens United decision, the attacks from Karl Rove and his multi-million dollar SuperPAC friends to smear President Obama’s record will only become faster and more furious.
If they have their way, health reform would be repealed, children could once again be denied coverage because of a pre-existing condition, insurance companies could discriminate against those in need of mental health care, and seniors could be forced to choose between paying for life-saving prescription drugs and rent or food.
We can’t let that happen. There is no time for sitting on the sidelines. We must act now.

Cap Tip Patrick Kennedy

Charles Sanders Peirce - Thinking in Threes

Obama, Warren Kaine over Romney, Brown, Allen

From Senator Patty Murray Via Email

National: President Obama (D) 52, Mitt Romney (R) 41
MA: Elizabeth Warren (D) 46, Scott Brown (R) 41
VA: Tim Kaine (D) 47, George Allen (R) 44
Let's hope these hold and are joined by a thousand other victory margins in races local, state and national.

This is our best way to talk back to those who dug the ditch we're in

Charles Sanders Peirce - Thinking in Threes

Where Would Life Be Without Challenge?

I have this notion of succeeding at publishing free 
This blog is free for example
My time is worth a great deal but I do not count that 
The past has been sufficiently profitable that 
I can start from scratch without thinking about revenge
or past failures
As I succeed if I succeed I can share my know how

So if you like
Start a blog for free
Start publishing on Kindle or whatever free
See if some pennies drift in
I already make pennies from royalties on this and that

You will see I have links to Twitter Facebook Google +
And so forth
You need to invest time
In getting your titles seen for free
So give yourself a year or so to get set up 
Garner some followers and so forth
Do not spend any money
Do everything free
Just now I am assembling five new Kindle books
I shall let you know as they are published
This project starts now

Charles Sanders Peirce - Thinking in Threes

Both parties participated in the attack on regulation

It is clear that the very root of today's divide 
is found in the euphoric move 
at he end of the Clinton era 
to have done with restraints on banks  
to repeal of Glass-Steagall Act 

Glass-Steagall was a harness on greed
It forbade banks from being investment houses

Complicity in the repeal of Glass-Steagall was shared by thousands 
but Greenspan, Paulson and Summers
So were President Clinton and Phil Gramm 
The savings Clinton effected were
lost in a stroke of the pen
today regulation remains under severe attack 

This is the backdrop of Elizabeth Warren's 
salutary effort in Massachusetts 
I am told she does best talking directly to voters
Money pours in to defeat her
She can and will win

Both parties participated in
the huge trough-feeding 
engendered by the repeal of Glass-Steagall
We remain prey the nominalist forces 
of me me me 
that brought us to the cliff 
a cliff no less lethal 
than the cliff in the Bard's Lear

Charles Sanders Peirce - Thinking in Threes

Cyber-communities would radically reduce racial profiling

Imagine your area of 10,000 people is designated a car free community
Imagine that all who work there also live there
Imagine all aspects of a city included in the mix
Shops education workplace entertainment health
Imagine that's because it is car free
Children play
People walk without fear
Vacant lots become squares or playgrounds
That such policing as there is is done by trained persons
Who live in the community

Imagine that we think for a bit of life without
subservience to the corporate system of
Obligatory sprawl
Obligatory car ownership
Obligatory subservience to the needs of car traffic

You have just begun to think about how we could actually begin to eliminate
The disease of racial profiling

Charles Sanders Peirce - Thinking in Threes

My interest in the world of games, casinos and such

Monopololisto Man: The Weird Way Gamblers Treat Money: "Monopolisto Man was certainly in the same league with legendary gamblers in one respect. His treatment of money itself was highly eccentric."

Monopolisto Man (the blog)  is my fictional vehicle for discussing (fictionally) my interest in the world of games, casinos and such.


Charles Sanders Peirce - Thinking in Threes

I have little place for ethics in such a system as I have.

I have little place for ethics in such a system as I have. I see ethics as secondary to the willed application of values to the making of decisions. To me the question is what are the ontological values. My pragmatic answer came in the 1970s when a colleague and I taught a group of teenagers the Gospel of Mark (the text of which I had turned into songs) and saw the actual results of this process in events in their lives and those related to them. I concluded that the ontological values can be described by the words tolerance, democracy, helpfulness and that the overarching value in which these rest is non-idolatry. I feel these are a reasonable approximation of the active, accessible realities that - when activated by individual will - create history. Insofar as history is a vale of tears it is because we do not honor these values. Non-idolatry incidentally is the basis of scientific method IMO. "The good" and "justice" are descriptions of the goals of living, but the values I have named can be explicitly willed by the individual. Insofar as they are understood and willed together, they create a somewhat iconoclastic sort who is pragmatic and at the same time actively promoting tolerance, democracy and helpfulness. All of the movers of history on the just and good side have cleaved to these values. Since individuals do possess will and this the freedom to embrace these values, they can be spread by ... identifying them and activated in a process that certainly can include reason but also involves what we call passion or commitment or conscience or even impulse. When I resigned from my fraternity at Williams in 1958 it was the result of a triad 1. My experience of racial unity 2. The resistance of St. Anthony Hall to considering an applicant from Jamaica and 3. My resignation when I was told, If I believed "that", I did not belong there. This helped set off a train of events which led to the removal of fraternities from Williams. Such an event resides in the realm of willed values not ethics. Ethics would be the consideration of what course of action would yield up whatever one designated as the goal of ethics - the good, justice. In other words, ethics is secondary to the exercise of willed values which is essentially impulsive. It is a corrective exercise.

Charles Sanders Peirce - Thinking in Threes

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