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How The People Will Overturn the Supreme Court

The Court will essentially stall health care reform one way or another, making life easier for the one percent. The election will be fought on a simpler ultimate choice. Single payer or medicare and medicaid for all versus a return to the untenable system we have had. In essence, the huge stone wall of conservative push back will result in the passage of what we should have had all along. By a Democratic Congress elected in response to the threat to the advances of health care reform.

Charles Sanders Peirce - Thinking in Threes

We have butchered our spontaneous souls into ether

ShortFormContent at Blogger: Life cannot be lived by ideals for long:

Above is the first part of the post at, completed here, by Eugene Halton.

"We have butchered our spontaneous souls into ether, we have butchered our minds into believing that our bodies are machines and the universe is a machine, and we have butchered the earth: The poisoned fruit of our science and its cultural legacy. Scientific self-correction may be a matter of the long run. Hooray for it. The problem is that life is also a matter of once for all time. Cut its cord and it's gone.

"Creation issues forth as non-ideal spontaneous reasonableness, which may be an aspect of Peirce's understanding of the aesthetic as more encompassing than the ethical or logical and their concerns with the good and the true. "The admirable," literally that which one "wonders at," as an understanding of aesthetic (a word which means to perceive or feel), seems to have mo…

Life cannot be lived by ideals for long

"I could not think of anything worse than a community transforming the world through "intelligent ideals," and I do not think the statement accurately represents Peirce. This Pyrrhic victory of eviscerated, abstract intelligence in the service of ideals would be ruinous to life, just as Teilhard de Chardin's concept of a "noosphere" (in the sense of atmosphere, stratosphere) is, a film of planetary intelligence in which "life's domain" would be ruled by reason. Life from the neck up is ruinous to life: the noose sphere. Peirce, it seems to me, understood the limited place of science in the practice of life, which is why he thought pragmatically that science is impractical. Other people, such as Dostoyevsky and Melville and D. H. Lawrence, saw more deeply into the problem of the idealization of life than Peirce did, perhaps because they were artists.

"Life cannot be lived by ideals for long; life can be lived with ideals, never sustainabl…

A nation in decline will build more prisons

A nation in decline will build more prisons That's what we've done we lead the world in that A nation on the rise will act with wisdom We're getting there as we see where we're at

Charles Sanders Peirce - Thinking in Threes

Mitt's plan won't fill the donut hole

President Obama and Medicare's Future — Barack Obama:
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Click above to access an infographic that shows how Mitt's plan fails the elderly

Mitt's plan won't fill the donut hole  The President's law does
Mitt's vouchers replace Medicare
Mitt's not the man he was

Charles Sanders Peirce - Thinking in Threes

This is the second post on how to publish free.

ShortFormContent at Blogger: Where Would Life Be Without Challenge?:

This is the second post on how to publish free. The first is at the link above.

The project is to see if it is possible to succeed as an author using the free means available on the Web, not counting your time which is of infinite value.

I think it makes sense to go the Amazon Kindle route. It's free and user-friendly and it does not keep you from fanning out on to other platforms. If you keep your work exclusive for a while, you can join a profit-sharing program called Kindle Select.

As a Kindle author, you can create a bio page with a Twitter feed in the US, UK, Germany and France. My US one is here.

If you are just starting do not despair. If you use Word, just copy your writings into texts that are coherent and have a focus. Say exactly what your text is. You have complete control. Kindle will even give you a generic cover for your book. And Word will let you create a cover page that you can include if you w…

Bankers who cheat will go down

A Long Road to Regulating Derivatives -
We could
Forbid saving entirely That is what Jesus meant with his parable of the talents We could insist that every penny be reinvested  No hoarding
No hidden transactions

We could

Regulate sensibly This would require penitence On the part of the GOP
We could

Careen to disaster We've done it before
Abba will remain within us all Encouraging the virtues Jesus venerated Helpfulness democracy Tolerance non-idolatry
We have not reached a tipping point in affirming these But we are making progress
We are rising And as we do
Bankers who cheat
Will go down

Charles Sanders Peirce - Thinking in Threes

All our works are musement and fallibility

I let a whole day go by without postingI was busy getting my Kindle trove in orderNone of the books I have there had been republished To conform with Kindle's evolving platformWho can complain about a 70 percent royalty on books you sellfor under ten bucks
I wake up filled with thoughts like quantum physics is falliblebecause no one can get outside of itAnd because movement is always (at least) tertiaryBut I have nothing but a dunce cap to wear when it comes to scienceIf I think undulation is a good thing to describehow things moveand that everything has a mind of its own What matter
But consider thisHow can anyone say how things areWhen no one can get outside  of itWhatever it might beIt is funny to me that we think we can arrive at truthBy getting to the smallest elementWe have Peirce to remind us that all our worksare musement and fallibilityBut that we are a communityand we progressAnd in that sentence lies more than a smidgeon or smidgen of truth 
AnywayGood morning

Charles Sande…