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Mildred Purse Says Romney Fails Miserably as a Liar

Daily Kos: Romney Campaign Lies Again: "The GM Bailout was Mitt's Idea": "Romney wrote this in the New York Times: "If General Motors, Ford and Chrysler get the bailout that their chief executives asked for yesterday, you can kiss the American automotive industry goodbye. It won’t go overnight, but its demise will be virtually guaranteed.""

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Mitt, the above is what you wrote before the auto bailout. Now your resident fib master Mr. Fehrnstrom says the bailout was your idea. You need a proper Fib Coach, Mitt. Loyalty is what did Nixon in. Break your umbilical bond with this Fehrnstrom fellow. Hire an experienced Big Lie Technician. You can't win with truth, Mitt. But dumb lies won't work either. Have you ever tasted the President's mince pie? For lies like the one you and Fehnstrom cooked up, this you might  get a hefty slice sooner than later.
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Charles Sanders Peirce - Thinking in Threes

Romney is tied to Karl Rove and the Koch Brothers

ShortFormContent at Blogger: Romney is surrounded by neo-cons who counsel war
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Mitt Romney is tied to Rove and the Koch Brothers  in addition to Bork and Bolton Does Mitt Romney want to be tied to Karl Rove the man who virtually made George W. Bush and who is therefore an accessory after the fact of the most disastrous administration in American history Does Romney want to be associated with the Kochs One glance at the Koch products demonstrates why they are the most Right Wing folk of all All of their products resonate with the very worst aspects of an economy that places profit above people They depend on the sprawl economy for their billions The answer of course is that Mr. Romney is glad to be associated with all the people named here Which would be fine if you were not a member of the 99 percent who do not benefit when Rove and the Kochs achieve their objectives Because of these clear and transparent associations Romney=Risk And behind him lurks  even wors…

Romney is surrounded by neo-cons who counsel war

ShortFormContent at Blogger: Twelve Reasons Romney is Going Down as We Speak:

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Romney is surrounded by neo-cons Bolton and McCain no doubt approve Their aim is to continue the devastatingly bad Practice of deploying undrafted troops To fight losing ground wars At a time when ground wars have become obsolete By now I must assume the that not only our Beleaguered troops but the bulk of the electorate Is stressed at the thought that an iffy person  With no foreign policy Under his belt Would continue the same old obsolete method Advocated by McCain and Bolton and Bush Romney is now embraced by Karl Rove and the Koch Brothers Because he will be their willing tool We need more oil wars they will say  And when Romney looks around him to  Find someone who will tell him the truth He will look in vain Romney is risk Romney=Risk Romney and risk are one.

Charles Sanders Peirce - Thinking in Threes

Charles Sanders Peirce: Logic=Semiotic [Quote]

CP 2.227 (c. 1897):
"Logic, in its general sense, is, as I believe I have shown, only another name for semiotic (σημειωτικη), the quasi-necessary, or formal, doctrine of signs. By describing the doctrine as ‘quasi-necessary,’ or formal, I mean that we observe the characters of such signs as we know, and from such an observation, by a process which I will not object to naming Abstraction, we are led to statements, eminently fallible, and therefore in one sense by no means necessary, as to what must be the characters of all signs used by a ‘scientific’ intelligence, that is to say, by an intelligence capable of learning by experience. As to that process of abstraction, it is itself a sort of observation. The faculty which I call abstractive observation is one which ordinary people perfectly recognize, but for which the theories of philosophers sometimes hardly leave room. It is a familiar experience to every human being to wish for something quite beyond his present means, and to f…