Cyber-community 101 - Lesson One

Cyber-community 101 - Lesson One
Lesson Two
I coined this term to imply a synthesis
between Alexander's Pattern Language 
and the Now
The NOW is a world that in the micro realm
is utterly transformed and increasingly
subject to the culture of the cyber
In other words communities that 
were fixed are now irrelevant
and everything is suddenly global
The problem is that the micro
needs to be expressed 
in the macro realm
That is where my idea 
of cyber-community comes in
We do not need commuting anymore
We do not need the current structure of schools
We do not need to zone everything
to require use of the car
We do not need as many rooms as we build
We do not need separated structures
We can achieve diversity by
changing the wallpaper on a smart wall
in other words home improvement
would and should be obsolete
End of lesson one.
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Women could mass against the GOP and wear a yellow ribbon

The Campaign Against Women - NYTimes.com: "New laws in some states could mean a death sentence for a pregnant woman who suffers a life-threatening condition. But the attack goes well beyond abortion, into birth control, access to health care, equal pay and domestic violence."

We shall overcome
I see a million women singing this together
We shall overcome
the vitriol and slime that emerges from whatever reaches
of stunted consciousness that now animates the GOP

We shall overcome the attempt to slam a door
on rights won over centuries of suffering progress
We shall overcome the unholy effort to 
cross lines of established privacy until
the incursion is not merely prospect but reality
The GOP effort must be rejected 
in every voting booth from Anchorage
to Key West
From Honolulu to Presque Isle
I see 40 million women at the polls
casting their ballots to eviscerate
the governments of  GOP attackers
I see a symbol or a sign that speaks
this intent
As clearly as a Yellow Ribbon

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There will be no furniture in my cyber-communities

There will be no furniture in my cyber cities
Minimalism is one reason but not the only one
Surfaces will be intelligent and versatile
Most things we call furniture
attach to surfaces
Soft things like pillows make
surfaces comfortable
My cyber-communities make do with less
but live better than now because 
it takes 5-10,000 people to pay for
the sustainability
of an eco-structure that
actually powers the community
using sun and wind and the energy
we can create by our own movements
Some one will build this some day
and the world will come into synch with what
is already there

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All the global generation issues are resolved in my cyber-communities

The Vanishing Valley - NYTimes.com: "The issues in the valley are the global challenges of our generation: water, land use, population, growing economic disparity."

In a Cyber-Community 
(My imagined future)
We re-densify 
We live in 5-10K gatherings
Car free
Sustained on site
By the generation of 
energy serving all
The collection and reuse of water
By building modular in matrices
Conducting all things needed
In and out of spaces
We have all attributes
of urban living in a mile
We no longer zone things out
We bring everything in
We enhance common space
A square every 200 feet
Grass roots democracies
Mass produced components
replacing the car as the
generator of new economies

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