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Before it Turns into Something Uglier

When we face Rove liesand Koch moneywe vent
But that won't winThe more matter of fact we can beThe more we can patiently explain the GOP lies to peoplewhose votes will decide the electionthe more we will winout of our confidence in the reasons we support the President
This applies to those of us who seekto help with wordsIt is hard to act with confidenceagainst obvious lieswhen our efforts to state truthare refuted with still more liesBut we must realize thathalf our readers may be undecidedeither about who to vote foror whether to vote at all
It is hard to suppress indignationor to hide fear when we are afraid we will loseBut that discipline will pay off

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Is President Obama Going Against His Core Identity?

Going Negative - "David Brooks: The conventional view is that it works. My view is that it works in some cases. Obama ran plenty of negative ads in 2008, but he won because he rejected the sort of stale campaigning everyone is disgusted by. Now he is running exactly the sort of campaign he once rejected. I don’t see how going against your core identity can be a good thing."
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Dream on David you're on the wrong track The President's a fighter and under attack From the sad Party you have called Grand You have no ground upon which to stand GOP reasons so lack decency The people if not you will easily see  They will give him another term more Meanwhile David look to your core

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No matter how smart one is, compassion trumps wit.

From a fellow member of the Charles Sanders Peirce list
 An excellent movie version of the play Wit, directed by Mike Nichols with Emma Thompson, shows the value of compassion, literally feeling with, in the experience of death and life. In the end, no matter how smart one is, compassion trumps wit.
Gene Halton

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An Action Strategy for the Obama Campaign

An Action Strategy for the Obama Campaign
As I try to parse the polls that show too little distancebetween the President and his assumed opponentsomething comes through loud and clear
It is not better ads with more grass roots voicesIt is not besting Romney in surrogate warsIt is not even raising enough to beat Rove
It is ACTIONSWhenever a point is scoredLet the President ACTThat can be an Executive OrderIt can be a Proposal in a speechIt can be a Challengeor a ContestIt can be anything that Directly  Refuteswhatever the misapprehension isthat makes polls too close
Next task specificsSureThat's what the President has a staff forAn Act a day

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It is quite obvious that both sides say the same things

It is quite obvious that both sides say the same thingsObama is a job killer Romney is a job killerand so forthTruth is more than who is rightfor right is determined by many meansSo Pilate's question becomes permanentMy best answer isNeither side is trueTruth is what proves outand in this strugglesubjectivity will prevailFor me what proves out is a fundof seeming reason that supports the Presidentand my sense of his intentionswhich are mine as wellIf I can grasp what he has doneI see the seeds of greatnessand a trajectory of hopeI shall not convince anyonewho says he kills jobsor was born in KenyaBut I am happy in my fallibility
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Mr. Rattner (it would seem) is not in Mr. Romney's capacious pockets

Creating Jobs Wasn’t Romney’s Job - "On Monday, Mr. Obama struck the right balance, emphasizing that he wasn’t attacking private equity but was questioning Mitt Romney’s Bain Capital credentials to be the job creator in chief.
That’s fair, particularly because Mr. Romney himself has been foolishly reweaving history to claim, as recently as last week, that he helped create 100,000 jobs during his time at Bain.
In fact, Bain Capital — like other private equity firms — was founded and managed for profit: ideally, huge amounts of gain earned legally and legitimately. Any job creation was a welcome but secondary byproduct."
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The underlying story is ironically That Obama holds the key to the future It is he who links recovery to creating new occupations And moving beyond oil While whatever Mitt is for Means rolling backwards Down the Sysiphean hill

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Delicious - A Ron Paul Karl Rove Collision

After Paul Falters, Backers Push Agenda in Party and Other Races - "“Karl Rove’s fear-and-smear-style Republicans are going to wake up at the end of the year and realize we are now in control of the Republican Party,” said Preston Bates, a Democrat-turned-Paulite who is running Liberty for All for Mr. Ramsey."

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Is there anything good about Karl Rove
The question evokes one's opinion of W
Is there anything good about Ron Paul
If you are looking for a spectrum Ron will do
But the humorous hand of forces no longer believed in
Call them Greek gods if you will
Is cooking up a storm that we'll soon witness
If we can see them fighting through the swill

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