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We Are Already Doomed to Future Nuke Meltdowns

Nuke Regulators' Cozy Industry Ties - The Daily Beast: "Here's something to think about as Japan continues working to fix its stricken reactors. The Nuclear Regulatory Commission is now criticized as being extremely close to the industry, routinely postponing requiring maintenance until crises develop, and even then usually delivering only a slap on the wrist. The agency puts up with violations, says critic David Lochbaum, because "Otherwise, nearly all the U.S. reactors would have to shut down.""

What else is new under our fading sun? This is the sort of thing that reinforces self-creep, the phenomenon of withdrawal from participation in anything.

Nuclear plants are a lethal time bomb. Nuclear plants have no place in a new world of sustainability and enhanced living. Nuclear plants are not economically viable. The countries that say no to nuclear will build toward a sustainable energy future. Nuclear plants are the signature of an era of destruction.

My Kin…

Jonathan's Wake - a Personal Reflection

Jonathan's Wake was a Movement Whose Aim was Largely Misunderstood Because of the Massive Discontents of the Late 1960s. The Aim is the Same Now as Then

Here is part of a small collection designed to recall a time when some of us engaged in direct action to achieve renewal and reform of mainline Protestant churches in the United States. The specific effort that I helped create was called Jonathan's Wake. I am tagging items Jonathan's Wake and will put what I have found up as time permits.

This item was posted by Richard L.York.

Jonathan's Wake Stirs Late Awakening

I remember Dick along with Steve Richardson, Tony Nugent and other members of the Berkeley Free Church from Detroit and a later trip I made to Berkeley. This group was in some respect the most visible part of the Jonathan's Wake aggregation that showed up at the Hotel Tuller in Detroit in December, 1969, and turned the National Council of Churches' General Assembly at Cobo Hall into a confrontational …

For Charles Sanders Peirce language is a subspecies of of semiosis

Gene Halton:  "In the Peircean perspective, language, if you mean by that linguistic language, is but a subspecies of the inferential and communicative process of semiosis, even within human communication. Two examples: “Talking about music is like dancing about architecture,” as Thelonius Monk once said to quiet a critic’s question. Or as the great modern dancer Isadore Duncan said, “If I could tell you what it meant, there would be no point in dancing it.” Or consider felt, wordless empathic communication. Or this: Someone I know who studied with a Native American wise man told me that the man gathered all of his students, former and current, to spend a month with him for his last teaching. His last teaching he gave to them was his death, as it unfolded over that month."


Peirce: “Nor must any synechist say, 'I am altogether myself, and not at all you.' If you embrace synechism, you must abjure this metaphysics of wickedness. In the first place, your neig…

An Approach to Torture that Goes Past the Question of Whether it Works

When I am dissatisfied with search results I have to dig and dig and dig. If your objective is to find some reliable information about torture, be my guest. Here are some helpful starting points.

A pragmaticist argument will link the metaphysical and logical to the scientifically demonstrable. One might argue that when the metaphysical and logical are ranged squarely against torture and the scientific observations are generally but not always in apparent agreement, the benefit of the doubt - or the abduction - should be that torture indeed does not work. And that if there are exceptions they are not worth the other results of engaging in torture as a national policy.

Here is the most celebrated modern text on the subject.

My Thoughts Are Free: MARK TWAIN ON TORTURE: "'I will tell you nothing more than I have told you; no, not even if you tear the limbs from my body. And even if in my pain I did say something otherwise, I would always say afterward that it was the torture that…

The Lee Arthur Hester Case is Not Closed Annals of Injustice

The Pdf file below is a 400 page document that should be read by anyone who cares about justice, civil rights, children and our American justice system.

I was at the Hester trial in the courtroom of Judge Alexander Napoli day after day as the injstice was done. I wrote at the time, to no interest, of the fact that the murderer most probably was a deranged worker at the school Lee attended, a truth suppressed in court but made eminently clear in the narrative linked to below..

I made efforts when the Web came into being to find out what had happened and eventually contacted people who were indeed working on the case more than four decades later.

I have the original article I did on Lee somewhere and may post it in time, but the piece below is so riveting, so thorough and so damning that I do not want to waste a minute in helping to alert anyone with ears to hear and eyes to see that an injustice was done long ago in Chicago and needs to be properly resolved now.

"This article t…

A Modest Platform

Stop building nuclear plants  Stop relying on fossil fuels Use free sources of energy in non lethal ways Use human beings as the primary generators of energy Move from growth to sustainable economies.  Move beyond the hypocrisies connected to work Give everyone tenure at birth Practice tolerance helpfulness democracy and non-idolatry  Engage in daily meditation on the  prayer Jesus taught the whole world to say
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Catching up on Pattern Language

This brief history of pattern language is a salient description of what Christopher Alexander intended in A Pattern Language.

The concepts of Alexander have been applied to almost everything but his own magnificent goal of renewing human habitation of the world.

When Alexander's ideas are fused with a cyber-community approach, a way is opened for a grass roots effort to morph what we have into car free communities capable of spawning local economies.

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Market forces may inspire investment in communities that are post automobile

The actual risks of continued reliance  on cars and oil include wars  death to oceans  and vehicle deaths  and injuries worldwide
It is anticipated that these vehicle deaths  will be the fifth leading cause of all dying in the year 2020 around the whole world 
There will be more oil deaths than HIV/AIDS deaths  by 2020 the UN concludes 
The oil and car businesses can show reductions in deaths but these do nothing to vitiate the assumptions of the UN 
The most at risk are not the most well-to-do 
As knowledge of the actual risks are understood the oil and car response will be to do anything legal or not to maintain the precedence of oil as a fuel  and of the private car as the lead product of the auto industry 
1 The world has clearly accepted oil and car  as the self evident basis of all planning. 
2  The brute reality is resistance of the economy  to the pressures created by this commitment 
Not only will oil eventually run out  It will become more expensive as populations mount  and compet…