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An interview with Rev. Oliver White on his support for same-sex marriage–and what it’s cost.

An interview with Rev. Oliver White, pastor of the only predominantly African American Congregational Church in Minnesota, on his support for same-sex marriage–and what it’s cost.

By Becky Garrison  Interview was originally published at The Revealer.

According to ABC News/Washington Post polls, for the first time, strong public support for same-sex marriageexceeds strong opposition by a significant margin–with more African-Americans moving in favor, perhaps taking their lead from Barack Obama on the issue. Despite this shifting, media coverage continues to present only the conservative face of African Americans when reporting on marriage equality legislation. For example, The Revealer’s previous analysis of the Amendment One vote in North Carolina noted that even local media focused on the alliances between white and African American conservative Christians. They paid scant attention to the multi-racial faith based coalitions formed to defeat the a…

Charles Sanders Peirce Provided The Only Viable Basis for Future Theology

Charles Sanders Peirce did not believe in past theologies  But only in what logic showed as true empirically  He was a realist
His thought was metaphysical 
Charles Peirce lay the ground for future spirituality
Charles Sanders Peirce created  a system of thinking  that has not yet been fully articulated
He did not see himself as the great summarizer  because such a role for anyone is by his logic impossible
Peirce was and is a pioneer  in building a future that integrates science 
with ethics and morality  without falling into the traps
of formulaic evangelicalism  or formulaic humanism
Always moving
Continuity Never finished
Fallibility Daily musement Sweet serenity 

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Praises be the GOP savaging of Gabby Giffords did not work


CNN Political Ticker ‏@PoliticalTicker

Former Giffords aide wins election to finish her term -

This is the sign we need to get our heads in order A world where mayhem is the sound of lifeOr one that moves with stealth to saner placesWhere we don't go to sleep with dreams of strife
This is the PAC ad of the GOP opponentto win the seat that mayhem took from Gabby Giffords This what mayhem creates to set brand new cross hairsTo hit a spot where fear trumps any reasonand turn the glass so empty that it breaksThis is the thing we must take into our sad mindsAnd process for the sickness that it isand then go to the polls and turn this dolt outHe and his gun and all the GOPand then with wider eyes rest easily

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All dualism divides into two

All dualism divides into two  All unity removes opposing sides  A binary approach is but a tool  Which never should subvert the truth it hides

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The world we live in changes with the time

The world we live in changes with the time The world we live in changes as names changeAs bridges burn and altered circumstanceCreates circumferences anew  
In time circumferences are goneAnd worlds begin to vanish from our sightAnd then we see the world we knewWas not the world but just our worldOur word for our realityNow lost in dreams and memories
We cannot hold what does not  lastWe can't be captives of our past

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