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Twitter Problem Say It Isn't So

UPDATE - Problem whatever it was seemingly resolved.
Not so fast, down again.
Up again.
Still up


I am not generally paranoid.In this case paranoia is not valid I am merely wondering why I cannot access TwitterI have spent the morning trying to draw attentionto what I consider a conspiracy by the GOPto wreck the Presidency of Barack Obamaon the very night that he was inauguratedI am posting this note in hopes that the very act will jog my Twitter accountback into activityIf not I will not be paranoidBut resolute anger is still an option

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Recent Tweets 10:30 AM ET 21 June 2012

stephencroseStephen C. RoseJun 21, 10:27 AMRobert Draper Book: GOP's Anti-Obama Campaign Started Night Of Inauguration Another source. Robert Draper Book: GOP's Anti-Obama Campaign Started Night Of In...[]
The History of Supersizing: How We've Become a Nation Hooked on Bigger Is Better

From the article:
Quote:New York Mayor Bloomberg's new rules limiting sodas and other sugary drinks sold in restaurants, movie theaters, sports arenas, food carts and delis to 16 ounces has spurred a national debate. Should government limit our serving sizes? Bloomberg's rules do not prevent a person from buying two, five or 10 16-ounce sodas and drinking them all in one sitting. They just prevent a restaurant from selling that much soda in one cup. Stupid rule? Not if you know the history of supersizing.

The idea can be traced back to a man named David Wallerstein, who ran movie theaters …

Ten takes on the police

Police are being made to meet stop-and-frisk quotas are being motivated to do racial profiling feel they have a license to practice brutality are victims of bad leadership are victims of inadequate training PDF> are subjected to and add to a culture of racism are poised to be enforcers in a totalitarian society serve the interests of control not of the people represent a strain of authoritarianisminimical to democracy

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