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stephencroseStephen C. RoseJun 22, 06:17 PM"We lack anything close to an ideal distribution of communities and population " ShortFormContent at Blogger: We lack anything close to an ideal d...[] (more) stephencroseStephen C. RoseJun 22, 06:07 PM@ClarksonChuck I'd say that qualifies me to bring them down. It's a rather big beanstalk though. (more) stephencroseStephen C. RoseJun 22, 06:04 PM@rockportbasset Joe Williams suspended - Politico is channeling Breitbart (more) stephencroseStephen C. RoseJun 22, 05:49 PM

How Jesus Went Viral Amateur Musings

I am awash in gospelsI Kindle-bought a 600 page collection ofearly Christian gospelsnone of which most people ever see or readThey prove conclusively (to me)that gospel-writing was aimed at makingthe one who wandered about saying provocative thingsinto a full blown religious Messiah who would offer priests a sinecure for generations to come
The gospels in the New Testament are the edited texts ofa vast number of outlandish myths and legendsthat sprang up after Jesus did whatever he actually didLike Schweitzer and many other Biblical scholarsI believe any conclusions we draw about Jesusare inferences onlysubjective suppositionsunprovableThe only supposition that I am willing to entertainis that Jesus started a movement based onhis articulation of Abba's way
But these gospels I am reading offer me a huge clueAlready the church is preparing to make the virgin birth stickWith many stories of Mary being groped by midwives whose arms are witheredfor their forwardnessbut who were healedwhe…

The True Story of Richard Nixon's Election to The Presidency in 1968

The Comedy Writer That Helped Elect Richard M. Nixon - WFMU's Beware of the Blog: "'Nixon said ... that appearing on Laugh-In is what got him elected - and I believe that. And I've had to live with that.' - George Schlatter, Creator of Laugh-In"
Progressives Elected Richard Nixon with Help from Hubert Humphrey
Progressives like me who demonstrated in Lincoln Park in August, 1968, elected Richard Nixon We hated LBJ so much and were so vocal that we made the middle of the country allergic to us Yippies
 Despite the best efforts of Gene McCarthy Hubert Horatio Humphrey got the Democratic Nomination three miles south of  Lincoln ParkYou remember the Grant Park carnage
. We hated Hubert because he would not repudiate his boss and say no to the warHe lost by the margin we could have exceeded We voted for Dick Gregory or sat out the 1968 election We did nothing to prevent the election of Richard Nixon 
This is the true history of why Nixon got elected.
The back story…

All you need to know about the past four years

Robert Draper: Obama Never Had A Chance: "From an abstract ethical standpoint, it’s not particularly contemptible. I know there are some Democrats who have before, and will again, grab clumps of their hair and gnash their teeth at the cynicism and lack of patriotism of it all. Whatever — that’s pollyanna BS. But by the implied ethical framework of the US government, which, remember, is not a parliamentary system and thus invariably cannot function without some measure of bipartisanship, the Republicans’ actions from 2009 to the present are significant. And ominous.

The American system as presently constituted simply cannot function if the outgoing Party is in complete and total lockstep opposition to its adversaries at any and all times. Now, you may comfort yourself with the knowledge that, Democrats being disorganized and ideologically heterogenous as they are, the chances of this happening under President Romney and an entirely Tea Party-run Congress aren’t very good. Personal…