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stephencrose Stephen C. Rose Jun 22, 06:17 PM"We lack anything close to an ideal distribution of communities and population "http://t.co/9aMBxcre
stephencrosestephencrose Stephen C. Rose Jun 22, 06:07 PM@ClarksonChuck I'd say that qualifies me to bring them down. It's a rather big beanstalk though.
stephencrosestephencrose Stephen C. Rose Jun 22, 06:04 PM@rockportbasset Joe Williams suspended - Politico is channeling Breitbart
stephencrosestephencrose Stephen C. Rose Jun 22, 05:49 PMMSNBC should boycott Politico.
stephencrosestephencrose Stephen C. Rose Jun 22, 05:47 PMGoogle+ listings get more Google search play for me than plain Blogger listings. Interesting.
stephencrosestephencrose Stephen C. Rose Jun 22, 05:45 PM@ClarksonChuck Any billionaire who did what I have in mind would be the next trillionaire. Only way to sustainability believe me.
stephencrosestephencrose Stephen C. Rose Jun 22, 05:34 PM@greenleeves My approach is build from scratch on land that no one wants. Makes no difference where, just no zoning. Bottom up.
stephencrosestephencrose Stephen C. Rose Jun 22, 05:33 PM@kasinca Most billionaires would embrace regulations compared to what I have in mind. Supplanting the Koch economy.
stephencrosestephencrose Stephen C. Rose Jun 22, 05:28 PMRegulations do not permit the flexibility needed to build inventively and effectively create the new world we want and need.
stephencrosestephencrose Stephen C. Rose Jun 22, 05:27 PMEnvironmental regulation will NOT create a green world. Only pilot projects and investment in building from scratch has a chance.
stephencrosestephencrose Stephen C. Rose Jun 22, 05:17 PMI think both sides of the GOP-Dem environmental conflict are impossible. The best way to demonstrate anything is by making it from scratch.
stephencrosestephencrose Stephen C. Rose Jun 22, 04:17 PM@Truthbuster @politicususa Every GOP office holder who plotted against Obama the night of 1/20/09 violated the Constitution then and after.
stephencrosestephencrose Stephen C. Rose Jun 22, 04:08 PM@srjones66 @goodporkbadpork Let's hope Issa's crooked operation will end after the elections. Vote Democratic!
stephencrosestephencrose Stephen C. Rose Jun 22, 04:03 PMNate Silver gives Obama a 62.7 chance of winning. NYT http://t.co/VgZwaxiK
stephencrosestephencrose Stephen C. Rose Jun 22, 03:56 PMNYT Dueling Economic Messages From Romney and Republican Governorshttp://t.co/yLwam0ym
stephencrosestephencrose Stephen C. Rose Jun 22, 03:55 PMNYT "In Florida, Obama Assails Republicans Over Immigration Policy"http://t.co/XLY15cal

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How Jesus Went Viral Amateur Musings

I am awash in gospels
I Kindle-bought a 600 page collection of
early Christian gospels
none of which most people ever see or read
They prove conclusively (to me)
that gospel-writing was aimed at making
the one who wandered about saying provocative things
into a full blown religious Messiah 
who would offer priests a sinecure for generations to come

The gospels in the New Testament 
are the edited texts of
a vast number of outlandish myths and legends
that sprang up after Jesus did whatever he actually did
Like Schweitzer and many other Biblical scholars
I believe any conclusions we draw about Jesus
are inferences only
subjective suppositions
The only supposition that I am willing to entertain
is that Jesus started a movement based on
his articulation of Abba's way

But these gospels I am reading offer me a huge clue
Already the church is preparing to 
make the virgin birth stick
With many stories of Mary being groped by 
midwives whose arms are withered
for their forwardness
but who were healed
when they touched
the hem
of the infant's garment

This is sealing up the religion claim is
fanciful but definitely priest-intensive
But what is also clear in these gospels is 
a universal motive
Already this baby is the universal
co-occupant of the Trinity

It took about 70 years 
for this mythological process to
find a home in the earliest written accounts
the so-called synoptic Gospels
Mark Matthew and Luke
Paul whose writings are earliest
never alludes to details of Jesus

The message to me in this is a sad one
Special effects have always seen as means of going viral
The Jesus I infer wanted to go viral
but because of Abba's way
not special effects
or miracles 
He came to show a way we could achieve a world
based on the willed values of non-idolatry tolerance
helpfulness and democracy

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The True Story of Richard Nixon's Election to The Presidency in 1968

The Comedy Writer That Helped Elect Richard M. Nixon 
- WFMU's Beware of the Blog: 
"'Nixon said ... that appearing on Laugh-In is what got him elected 
- and I believe that. 
And I've had to live with that.' 
- George Schlatter, Creator of Laugh-In"


Progressives Elected Richard Nixon 
with Help from Hubert Humphrey 

Progressives like me who demonstrated in Lincoln Park 
in August, 1968, elected Richard Nixon
 We hated LBJ so much and were so vocal 
that we made the middle of the country allergic to us Yippies

 Despite the best efforts of Gene McCarthy 
Hubert Horatio Humphrey got the Democratic Nomination 
three miles south of  Lincoln Park
You remember the Grant Park carnage

. We hated Hubert because he would not repudiate 
his boss and say no to the war
He lost by the margin we could have exceeded 
We voted for Dick Gregory 
or sat out the 1968 election 
We did nothing 
to prevent the election of Richard Nixon 

This is the true history of why Nixon got elected.

The back story is that a big pharma exec Elmer Bobst 
got Nixon a nice job in the Big Apple 
and Nixon was able to assemble 
his entire inner 1968 inner circle 
in his new law office
 beginning with bond expert John Mitchell.

How is it I know such things 
Let's just say, there is Zelig 
and there is Hyper Zelig.

I forgot to mention the other reason Nixon got elected 
It wasn't funny
 The keyword is Sirhan Sirhan 
I believe he may be still alive 
My political hopes died in August 1968
 in a confused hotel scene in California.

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All you need to know about the past four years

Robert Draper: Obama Never Had A Chance: "From an abstract ethical standpoint, it’s not particularly contemptible. I know there are some Democrats who have before, and will again, grab clumps of their hair and gnash their teeth at the cynicism and lack of patriotism of it all. Whatever — that’s pollyanna BS. But by the implied ethical framework of the US government, which, remember, is not a parliamentary system and thus invariably cannot function without some measure of bipartisanship, the Republicans’ actions from 2009 to the present are significant. And ominous.

The American system as presently constituted simply cannot function if the outgoing Party is in complete and total lockstep opposition to its adversaries at any and all times. Now, you may comfort yourself with the knowledge that, Democrats being disorganized and ideologically heterogenous as they are, the chances of this happening under President Romney and an entirely Tea Party-run Congress aren’t very good. Personally, I’m thinking that’s about as uncomfortable as comfort comes."

'via Blog this'

The above is from an article that notes the circumstances of the 2009 Inauguration Eve meeting of GOP leaders which resulted in the agreement to do in President Obama. I disagree with the conclusion above that the reaction of people like me is BS. We knew that this was going on but we did not know that it was a planned violation of the American system of government. Knowing that this was and is the case, we have the weapon we need to help drive the GOP from its obstreperous and unpatriotic hold on our national throat.

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