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Recent Tweets 6/24/2012 PM

stephencroseStephen C. RoseJun 24, 05:34 PM@krainhill I wouldn't last a minute in such an environment. My mom was a serious aesthete. (more) stephencroseStephen C. RoseJun 24, 05:32 PM@dpleasant App grabs any text adds a short url and posts or schedules it or both. They answer mail and are on Twitter. Free or $10 monthly. (more) stephencroseStephen C. RoseJun 24, 05:28 PM@dpleasant @support I use Buffer these days. (more) stephencroseStephen C. RoseJun 24, 05:26 PM@dpleasant Ouch I use Chrome 2 hope you recover them I have been around so long I have zillions of downloaded bookmark pages.

PT - MSM continues to ignore Romney Cop Impersonation Story

An investigative piece in the NYT will ripple throught the MSM So far the NYT has turned a blind eye to the Mitt Romney cop impersonation story The Boston Globe has covered the Mitt Romney cop impersonation story Mitt's misdemeanor behavior has been infrequently noted on MSNBC Mitt's state trooper impersonation story has spread widely on the Web  But absent a NYT story it lacks the legs it needs to impact the campaign I have little doubt that the NYT will bestir itself and cover Mitt's proclivity to imitate cops When the NYT grabs this story it will be at least as big as the huge story they did on McCain's gambling Because the story reveals Mitt as more than a boy bully it could also be a game changer Mitt's campaign refused to comment on the  Globe article on Mitt's cop impersonation
Here is are two key statements from the Boston Globe article1."People who impersonate police officers often long to be an authority figure. There is an unde…

Another doofus NYT surmise Scheduled Tweet 6/24/2012 AM

This is not about young and oldand its thinking about age is flawedIt is largely a tired effort to celebrate youthand suggest that there is a differencethat to me is existent only topeople who do not cross the linewhich is merely a matter of chronologyAside from the fact that I am 76I am as close to the young as everI do not recognize ageAnd I will guarantee that people of every age willby the time of the electionhave no taste for the bad medicine the GOP is trying to stuff down out throats What's back is another binary effortfrom people to whom thinking in threes is a mystery
Another doofus NYT surmise - The Generation Gap Is Back This is not about young and old

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