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Good and Evil in a Secular Age

By good I meanwhat comes from the willfulexercise of what makes for goodtolerance helpfulnessdemocracy and non-idolatry
By evil I mean the consciousinflicting of harmwhose end can and does resultin the taking of life
We are as we always have beenin a secular agewhere history is made by personsall personsby their consciouschoice of the valueson which they act
Thus good and evilis not something we can somehow move beyondWe can move beyond the hoary values that continue to set the stage for evil eventsFor we must rest assured thatevil is the result of our choosing valuesbuilt on intoleranceon the failure to help and enablethose in need and on the denial of the same rights to all Evil and idolatry arepartners in the creationof a culture ofgreedviolenceandprivilege  
Simply because we live in a secular ageis no reason to suggest thatwe fail to define what evil isand to confront itconfident that the valuesthat save us are embedded in all personsand that evil results when these values are ignore…

Our Shabby Plutocracy Class Matters

Class has many meaningsI do not mean class as defined by metrics like income or race I mean it more as Pirsig means qualitySo when I say plutocrats have no classand Obama doesI think as follows
Class is intellectual opennessClass is appreciation of qualityClass is the distance that says I do notsuffer fools gladly
There are some things one might associatewith class in Americalike HarvardBut Harvard has produced its shareof snobs bullies and ideologues
Class is fragileIt can be lostIt cannot be willedIt cannot be attainedIf I think of my friendsand acquaintanceswho have classthey range froma friend out West who raceddrag strips and lives hand to mouthand a stroke victim in Nashvillewho is gracious in suspensionto President ObamaI have not met himbut his class is revealed dailyin the face ofplutocrats whowould kill to have his classbut lack itas they continue on their criminal way
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To watch the rich in action, check out our privatizing prison system


"At a time when the U.S. has achieved the highest rate of imprisonment in the world, at a cost of $55 billion a year, and with statistics that tell us:

1-in-4 Black men are in prison, on parole or probation, 10% stripped of their right to vote;

Unprecedented numbers of children are locked up, many sentenced into their adult lives;

Native Americans have the highest percentage of their population in prison;

Latinos and women are the fastest growing populations in the prison system;

New prisons are being forced upon rural communities to revive their "economies";

70% of prisoners are locked up for crimes that did not involve violence;

Immigrants are now subject to separate laws, many disappeared and detained indefinitely;

All giving the U.S. the highest incarceration rate in the entire world...

The U.S. public is witnessing an unfolding crisis of MASS IMPRISONMENT, more and more visible to us each day."

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Prisons, Privatization, And Pub…