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That is logical which comes from the essential nature of a symbol.

"If we are to explain the universe, we must assume that there was
in the beginning a state of things in which there was nothing, no
reaction and no quality, no matter, no consciousness, no space and
no time, but just nothing at all.  Not determinately nothing.  For
that which is determinately not A supposes the being of A in some
mode.  Utter indetermination.  But a symbol alone is indeterminate.

Therefore, Nothing, the indeterminate of the absolute beginning, is
a symbol. That is the way in which the beginning of things can alone
be understood. What logically follows? We are not to content ourselves
with our instinctive sense of logicality. That is logical which comes
from the essential nature of a symbol. Now it is of the essential nature
of a symbol that it determines an interpretant, which is itself a symbol.

A symbol, therefore, produces an endless series of interpretants.  Does
anybody suspect all this of being sheer nonsense?  Distinguo.  There can,
it is true, be no positive informatio…

Two Simple Sayings

You cannot be yourself without another
Abba is the Other Who is always there within

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Wingnuts backed by wingnut dollars

Wingnuts backed by wingnut dollars Velvet tongued and lethal they Turning fearful wingnut hollers Into ads to win the day
Will we watch this in amazement Numbed by all their bald-faced lies Or will we rise and make a statement Nothing stands that truth defies

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As we forgive those who do wrong is my parsing of the traditional words of the Lord's Prayer

As we forgive those who do wrong is my parsing of the traditional words of the Lord's PrayerAs we forgive our debtors As we forgive those who trespass against us Both of these constructions are less telling these days As we forgive those who do wrong covers the waterfront of things we need to forgive on a daily basis 
We are forgiving a whole lot of people including people we have already forgiven when our forgiveness has been less than effective We forgive those we know have harmed us in word and deed And we forgive those whose actions are harming us even though they may not know it and are far away We forgive everyone daily 
But the most the most important word in this beyond forgive is common to all versions - as This points to the reciprocal contractual covanental nature of this massive transaction We are forgiven by Abba AS we forgive This is the only condition in the prayer but it is the key to everything 
Go to South Africa where they have made forgiveness a national priority …

The Ten State Meme Making Obama Supporters Feel Better

Election Forecasts - FiveThirtyEight Blog - "But Mr. Obama led by a mean of 3.5 points in the RealClearPolitics averages for the 10 states (Ohio, Virginia, Florida, Pennsylvania, Colorado, Iowa, Nevada, Michigan, New Hampshire and Wisconsin) that are most likely to determine the election outcome, according to our “tipping point index.” If the list is expanded to cover the five other marginally competitive states where RealClearPolitics calculates a polling average — Arizona, Minnesota, Missouri, New Mexico and North Carolina — Mr. Obama’s lead averages 3.1 points, according to the numbers."

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OK we all want Obama to win. And we get bent out of shape when Nate's Obama over Romney line wiggles downward. So when we come upon a paragraph like this we wipe our brow in relief.

Not so fast. Despite their mental deficiencies, GOP operative's can read and when all is said and done a vote in a key district in one of these states will be worth …

Mitt Romney's Asinine Entry into The Foreign Policy Arena

The Candidates Talk Foreign Policy - "The presidential candidates took a break this week from talking about the economy, the most important issue in the election, and turned to foreign policy. This was a chance for Mitt Romney to show that he could be a better international leader than President Obama, who has already proved himself in that field. He fell far short."

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When Andy Rosenthal skewers Mitt Romney, give it an A. Because Andy is nothing if not measured, in the NYT style. In the sentence above, you have the general truth about the contrast between the candidates. Obama has proved himself. Romney has bombed.

But there is more.

Adelson’s Latest Foray Courts Jews for the G.O.P.

Money is massing. The illegal fellow from Las Vegas, whose fortune is made in casinos in the Far East,
wants to buy the election for Mitt so that Mitt can enact his Armageddon fantasy. This would make Afghanistan and Iraq look like openers a…