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stephencroseStephen C. RoseAug 02, 10:21 AMWhen history suffocates philosophy or something like that | ShortFormContent at Blogger ShortFormContent at Blogger: When history suffocates philosophy o...[] When history suffocates philosophy or something like that
Reading long posts about Peirce I sometimes wonder why we believe we can know what he meant and what difference it makes If he helps us it is to enable us to think as we think not as he did What we might do is say what we take away from reading Peirce or reading anything and make no claims whatsoever as in WARNING this is not my thought but did you ever stop to consider that words generate in themselves Obviously some have Words both generate and signify so what I mean to say it makes no difference what I know or do not know if I can simply say I know words between two souls are generative in themselves

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