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Hold on if this is Arab Spring Two wait for Arab Spring Three

This Arab Spring is a Peircean blunt truth Second Spring Two is organized like the Tea Party a force of intolerance of unhelpfulness of anti democracy and most of all of idolatry All seconds have a Third The Third will be a United States beyond the nightmare of Romneyism And an Arab complex beyond the hard right forces there The Third Arab Spring will witness a literal leap of WOMEN from the horrible patriarchy that still holds sway and the liberation of   of religionists from the lesser elements which plague all religions most specifically the Abrahamic faiths Abba's way is the Third Spring Way and triumphs because it manifests the values inherent in all people Do not be cowed by the Second Sham Arab Spring Understand that a wiser growing up will occur Both in the Arab sphere and here as wellStephen's Remarkable Kindle Store

Why is dormant money uncertain - because the future is becoming obvious

Trillions sitting in banks not knowing what will happen Don't blame it on regulations Don't blame it on anyone Blame it on the realities we know but will not faceWe know and will not face climate change It is a fact not a political matterWe know and will not face the end of oil It doesn't look that way but oil is finite It will run out and in any case will become prohibitively expensiveWe know and will not face the economic disfunctionalityof sprawl Sprawl spreads us too thin to create viable local economies Sprawl requires a commuter society at the wheel driving everythere Sprawl requires you to invest in two cash cows - for vulture capitalism Houses Automobiles  A policy that says we will make more  concentrated communities that are car free where one can walk to whatever one needs within a mile  and where streets are safe for kids and everyone else and where we begin to articulate neighborhood and neighborliness once again is the actual solution We are on the verge of …

The Paradox of Nonviolence - Fallible Folk Act to Suppress Hate

We are a spectrum low to high and bad to good Imperfect as we are we have the power to slowly move to doing as we should We take a stand we act we sieze the hourStephen's Remarkable Kindle Store