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Romney Debate Lie Refuted - Romney will not create 12 million jobs the economy will

Presidential Debate Fact-Check and Updates - Live Coverage - Election 2012 - "Mr. Romney promised to create 12 million jobs over the next four years if he is elected president. That is actually about as many jobs as the economy is already expected to create, according to some economic forecasters.

In its semiannual long-term economic forecast released in April, Macroeconomic Advisers projected that the economy would add 11.8 million jobs from 2012 to 2016. Moody’s Analytics, another forecasting firm, projects similar job growth. That means Mr. Romney believes his newly announced policies would add an extra 200,000 jobs on top of what people already expected, or a jobs bonus of about 2 percent."

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Romney's claim that he'll add 12 million jobs in his first term is exactly what the economy will do whether or not he is President. No, wait a minute. If he is President there is every chance he will find a way to ruin that simple and predic…

My. Open Letter To President Obama - Unmasking a Pathological Liar

Dear Mr. President - If you feel the world is turning against you take heart It is clear that you have never had to share the stage with a pathological liar whose idea of fun is to don a state trooper uniform and stop hapless drivers and if they are female to intimidate them This is the America you caught sight of as you grew to adulthood Last night it hit you head on I saw the classic facial responses One said I've been 'buked and I've been scorned The other said I was blind but now I see and did not refer to salvation  but to the pathological liar standing to your right Mr. President it is your peculiar destiny to carry a mantle no less heavy than that which Lincoln wore You face a person Satan if there was a Satan could not design with more precision I see you in the aftermath of last night's debate  shaking your head and saying something like what Gram Parsons said in  Hickory Wind -  that trouble is real What you saw is that all the efforts your campaign made to …

Romney Debate Lies Refuted - One lie per promise

An Unhelpful Presidential Debate - "On health care, Mr. Romney pretended that he had an actual plan to replace the Affordable Care Act, and that it covered pre-existing conditions. He has no such plan, and his false claim finally roused the president to his only strong moment of the evening. The country doesn’t know the details, he said, of how Mr. Romney would replace Wall Street reform, or health care reform, or tax increases on the rich because Republicans don’t want people to understand the hard trade-offs involved in these decisions."

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Affordable Care? Mitt lied. Wall Street reform? Mitt lied. Taxing the rich? Mitt lied. Mitt is a master of lies and it will take a month for most to wake up. Just in time to send him to a retirement funded largely by us - contributors by virtue of paying taxes to a country he systematically plundered from the start. Don't believe me? Read the above. Still don't believe? Do your own research. Star…

Romney Debate Lie Refuted - He Does Propose A $5 trillion Tax Cut

Fact Check: The $5 trillion cut: "Obama, in referring to Romney’s plan as a $5 trillion tax cut, is basing that on the estimate of reducing tax rates by 20 percent while also extending the Bush tax cuts, two planks of the plan. Romney has argued that he can eliminate loopholes and deductions to make up that revenue but has not specified which ones. Romney has countered that “six other studies” have found that the plan can be revenue neutral, but he’s wrong about that. Those studies actually do not provide much evidence that Romney’s proposal — as sketchy as it is — would be revenue neutral without making unrealistic assumptions."

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What Romney is doing is proposing that he be let into the chicken coop and that he and the Congress can rule. It makes little difference what he says since he has shown he can confuse most of the people, But as the saying goes, lying and fooling is not capable of completely fooling everyone. Romney lies when he says he is not …

Mitt Romney Debate Lie Refuted - Obama Reduced The Deficit

A Closer Look at What the Presidential Candidates Said in the Debate - "Mr. Romney said Mr. Obama had doubled the deficit. That is not true. When Mr. Obama took office in January 2009, the Congressional Budget Office had already projected that the deficit for fiscal year 2009, which ended Sept. 30 of that year, would be $1.2 trillion. (It ended up as $1.4 trillion.) For fiscal year 2012, which ended last week, the deficit is expected to be $1.1 trillion — just under the level in the year he was inaugurated. Measured as a share of the economy, as economists prefer, the deficit has declined more significantly — from 10.1 percent of the economy’s total output in 2009 to 7.3 percent for 2012."

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Ho hum. How many lies before we have some sanity prevail?

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Welcome to Deconstruct Romney's Debate Performance Month

Chris has a hissy fit Ed is beside himself Only @Lawrence suggests the truth The people appreciate Presidential The people can spy a transparent wolf wannabe The Veep can clean up any misapprehensions Obama in his true style set a trap and Romney entered Romney told enough lies to make OctoberDeconstruct Romney's Debate Performance Month It will be nice to watch the Right Wing  celebrate this as a victory for Mitt
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