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We will not get the change we need until we are willing to articulate what it is

Yes or no
We want smaller schools we can walk to  with teachers who are part of the community
We want the option of working from home  or at work spaces we can walk to
We want neighborhoods that are face to face and safe from speeding traffic
We want a mix of things we associate with cities scaled down to serve local communities
We want enough diversity near at hand so we can create a vibrant local economy
We do not need to drive to shop if shopping becomes selecting at cyber-kiosks staffed by experts
We would prefer home delivery if we could select from the world at a cyber-kiosk we could walk to
We would prefer a car-free community that is designed as a unified structure that is eco-sufficient
I recognize that much of this is not even within the purview of planners but it should be
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Thoughts on Perpetual Habit Creation - A Pragmaticist Meditation

It is well-known that we are creatures of habit but do we think about it much I think not Each day calls us to new reflections and only when we are at ease with them do they morph through the stages of consideration to becomebona fide habitsA habit is what you do without needing to thinkmuch about itIt is a product of belief One might habitually repeat a prayer or some simple ritual of daily life But if my experience is illustrative habits themselves are continually in some sort of flux When that is true you no longer believe in your habit so strongly that you will not experiment to change it
We think in threes The first is our declension of reality The second wrestling with it in some way The third always experiment
When a habit is fixed it vacates this downward elevator until such time as doubt creeps in and belief is nudged and a new sign gets us thinking again and we refine or change or move alongThus do we become LESS creatures of habitand more free nomads of a universe that…