Charles Sanders Peirce has inspired me to understand values as ontological



Charles Sanders Peirce has inspired me to 
understand values as ontological 
and tied to human will. 
Charles Sanders Peirce has encouraged me to
 herald the death of culture religion  (see Barth)  
and its evolution into a global spirituality 
based on values - 
lived in the immanent frame.
Charles Sanders Peirce has inspired me to 
wonder about my past 
as his family arrived in Watertown, MA
at about the same time  my ancestor 
Captain Hugh Mason settled there (1639) 
and I share many traits that have been 
ascribed to CSP and have had 
a “career” similar in some respects to his. 
Charles Sanders Peirce saw through things 
and was plain in his description of what he saw. 
Those who find him obscure 
may have vision problems 
or not. 
It depends on your philosophy.


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