Will is the power that enables conscious, reasoned thought.

The Struggle


Will is the power that enables 
conscious, reasoned thought. 
The reality of will and its fundamental power 
is central to Triadic Philosophy. 
We are confronted with mystery always.  
Thinking realistically carves out a space 
within the mystery 
for the consideration of Ethics 
and then enables an Aesthetic response 
that tends toward the beautiful and true. 
We have spent millennia 
locked in largely binary, 
dyadic modes of perception, 
leading to conflict in all areas of existence. 
We have denied the will to determine our destiny. 
We have subordinated values 
to the realm of pricing things. 
And we wonder where we are going. 
Triadic Philosophy demonstrates that 
the lineaments of a positive destiny 
 have been present all along. 
It was always possible to think in threes. 
It was always possible to find a way beyond 
a house divided. 
The proof lies in doing it. 
In this sense doing Triadic Philosophy may be 
the most significant action anyone can take.
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