Triadic Philosophy - Confronting the pathos of academic specialization

World in Limbo

Academic specialization is one of the 
main barriers to appreciating 
the revolution Peirce and Nietzsche launched 
which is now in progress. 
The revolution  is the move from binary to triadic thinking. 
The ethical  and aesthetic elements in Triadic Philosophy 
are my inference and effort 
to build past Nietzsche and Peirce. 
And Kierkegaard as well.  
All pointed to the ethical and the aesthetic 
as if they could sense what Derrida 
and many others would soon come to realize.  
Without the unprecedented, 
that is to say  ’without Triadic Philosophy’, 
we are simply condemned to more of the same, 
to the result of philosophies 
drenched in nominalism and 
dripping with the detritus of 
a world doomed to condone 
and fall into violence. 
Academic specialization  
in its present traditional form 
is a pathetic idolatry, 
a hallowing of empty competition 
too onerous to be credited 
with saving grace.


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