Triadic Philosophy What Is Required of a Philosophy

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A philosophy needs to start by saying what is 
universal and true,
what things apply to all.
The most damaging word in philosophy is of
A philosophy of this or of that
wrenches philosophy from an obligation
to say what is universal in every situation.
The result is a distortion of reality.
The traditional name for such distortion is idolatry
In Triadic Philosophy, 
Reality is the foundation. 
It is universal.
 Its companions are Ethics and Aesthetics.
All enterprises are in the pale of reality.
They do not transcend it.
They are finite, open to alteration, 
subject to continuity.
Logic, mathematics, science, theology, psychology
all fall under Reality, not beyond it.
All are subject to the universal sway of
Ethics and Aesthetics.

The truth of Triadic Philosophy
rests in its capacity to establish 
its premises to the point that they are 
acknowledged to be accurate and therefore
consistent with truth and beauty
because they properly represent Reality


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