Using values to parse options would increase self-esteem

Increase Self-esteem


Using values to parse options would increase self-esteem.
I arrived at this thought while reading my Exeter class notes. 
I began to use my ontological values - tolerance, democracy,
helpfulness and non-idolatry -
as a means of considering life choices I had made.
Exeter continues to impress me beyond any
school I ever attended
and I now understand that it is because it 
strikes me as having mirrored these values
at least to some extent,
and to have had a similar impact on classmates
more than a half-century later.
I do not have anything approaching a similar
feeling for the college I attended.
Nor for most institutions of higher learning in the US.
The reason now seems to me not my manifest
faults and abnormalities,
but the relative absence of these values 
at college.
Had I been aware of the massive
importance of these values, I doubt I would
have decided to attend my college.
I would have gravitated to one of the 
few institutions where these values
were more manifest.
The College of Wooster and Oberlin
come to mind.
If there is any take-away from this, it is that
running virtually any decision
through the gauntlet of these ontological values
(universal, general, part of being)
will at least increase self-esteem
and at most save you from decisions that 
later turn out to have been wrong-headed.
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