National prosperity will come back when we build cities everywhere and anywhere.

Dense and Spacious
Are Like Love and Marriage


National prosperity will come back 
when we build cities everywhere and anywhere. 
We will move to a prosperous next stage 
when the same amenities are available 
within a few paces of where we live and work. 
It is time for conventional construction to step aside 
and let 3D technology and integral design take over. 
Let computers help imagine a future 
beyond our consumption, sprawl economy 
with its reliance on oil and cars. 
The diagnosis of our present low-performing 
and chancy economy is simple. 
Our population is either too dense or not dense enough. 
Our infrastructure was built for an economy 
that won’t be here in fifty years. 
We cannot solve our most enduring and invisible 
social problems without a massive act of faith, 
And we cannot take one step 
in the direction of sanity 
until we can show why it makes good sense. 
Why it is in fact the golden egg 
that no one has yet picked up and run with.

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