The four values of Triadic Philosophy, taken together and understood, can do no harm.


The four values of Triadic Philosophy,

taken together and understood,  

can do no harm. 

Indeed to the extent that their 
universality is made manifest, 
they are a blueprint for 
an aesthetically  realized world. 
The root triad 
Reality, Ethics and Aesthetics 
describes the passage of signs (icons)  
through the skein of Ethics (indices) 
to the plane of human action 
which is Aesthetics (symbol). 
It is important to stipulate that 
while Triadic Philosophy aspires 
to describe what is true and beautiful, 
the action undertaken 
when the triadic process is used 
is conscious thought. 
Signs crop up in profusion within us
but the use of Reality, Ethics, Aesthetics 
requires that we be aware 
of the sign (icon) we are considering, 
and that we consciously submit it 
to the Ethical (indices) and then
to the sphere of actuality or performance, 
the Aesthetic or symbolic realm. 
It may sound like a bit much, 
but with practice it rewards, 
because it parses with Reality, 
with who we are, 
with who we can be. 

With this preamble, 
the ontological values of 
tolerance, democracy, helpfulness 
and non-idolatry, 
become the initial dam
 in the flow of icon 
to emergence as symbol, 
that is to say, to our reality. 
These terms are a pristine unity 
made up of three active values 
and their root, non-idolatry, 
the crown of all values. 
All human thinking takes place 
under the beneficent cloud 
of mysteries that envelop  us all.

The active values interact. 
Tolerance cannot trump democracy. 
Democracy requires helpfulness. 
Helpfulness modifies tolerance, 
and so forth. 
Together these values lead to 
the best and highest state 
we can achieve. 
That they are not the center of today's ethics, 
and our daily lives, 
is not sad. It is a crime. 
These ontological values 
challenge every soul 24/7
whether perceived or not. 
When they are rejected, 
they become inoperative
and history suffers. 
They are the truth and 
the truth cannot be defeated.  

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