Think in Threes


Think in Threes

Thinking is a willed process.
Much of our action does not require thought.
It is habit, learned first by thought,
then accomplished without it.

All thinking is willed.
That means there is a free decision
only we can make,
that we will train our minds on
some aspect of Reality.
It could be as insignificant as a
view down the street.
It becomes thought at the instant that 
it is considered, turned over,
admitted to zones within us
where thinking gets done.
Triadic Philosophy suggests 
three such zones, hence
that we think in threes.
That view down the street
might become a work of art.
Accepted by us as such, 
the result of this thinking.

I have described a gentle
process of movement from Sign
to Index to Symbol,
if one wishes to make semiosis of 
a simple event.

In Triadic Philosophy the root triad,
Reality, Ethics and Aesthetics,
comes with a set of simple rules
for thinking that aspires to
achieve truth and beauty,
which is to say
the aim of life.
The starting point is simply to think.
The payoff is thinking in threes.

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