Ethics is lodged within us all


Ethics is lodged within us all.
Just as our makings are.
We spring from a cosmic process 
founded, science tells us,
on a small collection of patterns.
We discover these as we move in the same
direction as the cosmos.
The most obvious pattern is the
least acknowledged.
It is the inherent presence of
ontological values 
in every soul 
on our small planet.
Each action we contemplate
is met by phalanx of blunt truths 
that constitute the very center of ethics.
Are we being tolerant?
Are we being helpful?
Are we being democratic?
Are we avoiding idolatry?

What we call conscience is the presence
of these ethical benchmarks
within each of us.
Each one can be shown to
interact with the others.
Each addresses
the foundations of true progress,
toward a cosmos that reflects
the intended pattern for humankind, 
set from the foundation.
This is the "more" that Hamlet could have told.

If this seems overblown and arbitrary
it is because of the mess that 
we've made of ethics.
We've lived by binary 
either-or thinking
which issued in narrowness,
and betrayal of the
aesthetic mandate 
to achieve
beauty and truth in our living.
The revolution of this century is
the recovery of the ontological values
within us all.

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