Triadic Tales - The Conversation - Short Story (Part Two)

Triadic Tales - The Conversation - Short Story (Part Two) PART ONE

Bitter winter in March. Global warming. Wars afoot. Contention galling. Hypocrisy rampant.

Adam kept to his routine. Going out each day. Rain, snow, sleet. Each day repeating three times, in five minute segments, the entire prayer that started -

Abba whose home in heaven is
Hallowed and holy is your name
Let your realm come your will be done
Till earth and heaven are the same

He alternated  this twelve line prayer, his slight adaption of the original, with five minute segments of guidance. A half hour in all. Just a short walk. Today he conversed with Abba. Other days he listened.

"I must assume," Adam said. 

He stopped. He'd forgotten what he assumed. Something about speech. Stilted speech. He waited.

"Do you know who I am?"

"Abba," Adam answered.

"And do you know who Abba is?"

"Father. Friend. Lover. Jesus said to pray to you."

"Do you know who we are?"

"You and Jesus?"  

"People forget Jesus was about losers, failures, the doomed, no counts, dregs."

For several paces there was silence.

"Where is this going?" Adam said.

"To something we were talking about yesterday. The mystery. Heaven. Transformation. A side of Jesus few comprehend. He knew the simple patterns at the root all.  He knew the source of beauty. It was he who wrote the prayer."

"Does he live?"

"Of course. So do you. Many don't. Many are simply lost."

"I don't get it. You just said Jesus was for the doomed." 

"No one is deleted, to use something you understand," Abba said. "But people can grow or they can diminish. Your world has so macerated thought that it is hard to put it all together again. Suffice to say thought includes some attention to the role of you and everyone else in bringing about the transformation. That is the magic of the freedom of the whole thing."

Adam was cold. Yet he knew that he was back on the cusp of comprehension. "The whole thing," he repeated.

"Get inside," said the voice. "Get warm."

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