Why Triadic Philosophy Makes the Most Sense


The more I delve into 
academic languages and philosophies,
the more convinced I am 
that Triadic Philosophy
makes the most sense.
Here are three main reasons.


We desperately need an agreed basis for thinking,
one that transcends disciplines, is not dependent 
on reductive theories
and that accepts certain basic premises,
explicitly the utility of
an open triadic pattern.
for the ethical and aesthetic 
achievement of 
pragmaticist results.


Hitherto we have not had 
a universal philosophy that
explicitly declares a reasonable hierarchy for
carrying out thought processes,
subject to the caveats in 1 above.


Triadic Philosophy is an open source
mechanism for universal thought
whose hierarchy embraces
universality itself 
in the Root Triad


You can follow the labels
and use the search function
to explore the merits of
Triadic Philosophy.
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