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Our Future Energy Will Alter Everything

Sun and wind, the rivers and oceans will be the sources of future energy.
Solar power is in its infancy but one thing seems clear. The more concentrated collection can be, the more energy. The present notion of grafting solar to existing structures is at best a stopgap. See
Wind power is even more undeveloped. But it's allure has attracted enough competing modes of execution that it is probable that it will equal sun as a future energy source. See The Future of Wind Power
Rivers and oceans offer a varied menu of options, but it is logical to guess that they would compose at least one third of the total needed - with wind and sun - to meet all energy needs in the future.
Cybercommunities aim at complete energy sufficiency based on the evolving technologies and their applicability in various locales. Sun will revolutionize Africa's energy future. And so forth. A transition to these forms of energy is required. As fossil forms diminish in availability this triad of energy sources will emerge.
A cybercommunity approaches energy flexibly. Solar technology will be shared community-wide with cost and design savings. Imagine a solar enabled matrix that can support the surfaces that make up the spaces of a cyber-community. Imagine an elevated cybercommunity near oceans and rivers, utilizing as yet undeveloped means of utilizing water-based energy. Imagine an evolution of turbine technology to produce a Stonehenge perimiter of tall turbo-silos around a cybercommunity in the world's wind-prone regions.
There is yet another energy source that would be important in a cyber community - us. A walkable community could have surfaces throughout that rode on nano-turbines capable of generating energy via footfalls. The prospects for nano offer a menu of options: Concepts for future electricity generation
An unresolved question is how today's fabulously wealthy multi-national corporations will effect the move to sun-wind-hydro energy. One could predict that they would seek to corner the market and gain profit. The rise of democratic cyber-communities could counter this by pooling resources to choose items on a growing menu of options for creating autonomous uses of these free resources.
The common denominator of this new energy configuration is that it requires local cooperation on an unprecedented scale to achieve its economic and social potential. Shared solar, shared turbines and other commonly-held technologies argue for an increasing consciousness of local power and greater pride in local achievement than at present.
The challenge to all of this thinking is palpable. The current energy industry and its allies have little or no interest in anything but squeezing the last ounce from today's diminishing fossil sources and savaging the rivers and oceans. Just as public transit has been crucified by these forces in the past, so too the effort to minimize the truth of the environmental consciousness is all the reminder we need to warn us that we are among the world's endangered species. Here is a salient conclusion to this colloquy. The Fracking of Rachel Carson | Sandra Steingraber | Orion Magazine
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