One day fossil fuels will run out

"One day fossil fuels will run out .... the only imponderable is, when it will happen. "http://buff.ly/1groBG8 #estoleads

"Oil, coal and gas at 2006 rates, ... will last a further 40, 200 and 70 years, respectively."http://buff.ly/1grpQoI #estoleads

Our future energy will come from sun and wind.

We face 100 years of unprecedented dislocations due to weather and the collapse of the oil economy.

As in the past, small local communities will mark the genesis of new forms of society and economy.

Cybercommunities are an effort to imagine a future that can survive the collapse of the oil economy.

Cybercommunities are car-free.

Cybecommunities have a population of up to 10,000.

Cybercommunities are no more than four levels and no more than a mile across.

Cybercommunities can evolve from present neighborhoods.

Cybercommunities can be built from scratch.

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