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Curiosity-based smaller-scale educational opportunities facilitated by a car-free environment

Education is unjust in today's society and the solution lies in creating car free communitiesWe need communities where children can walk freeThis requires a complete rebuildingSince we do not have that yet the outline of what it would look like will have to sufficeand the plan will have to be developed piecemealbased on local conditions and desires
The injustice of education is the result of stratificationand discrimination in the use of resourcesBut the real problem of education is not just this injusticeEducation suffers from the defeat of choice and curiosityamong all who would learnEducation suffers from a one size fits all approach when the truth is we all learn differentlyEducation suffers from the creation of classeswhere individual attention is  scarce of nonexistent  Education results from the gratification of curiosityEducation occurs when curiosity meets resources A walkable community would have multiple educational cyber-nodesEducation would be everywhere - a permanent …

Triadic Philosophy Glossary - Amor Fati ( Love Your Life)

Amor fati means love your lifeAmor fati  was Nietzsche's term for the sense thatif life consisted solely of this momentyou would love itand be content to relive itAmor fati is linked in Nietzsche to his ideas of recurrence and eternal return
Triadic Philosphy embracesamor fatibut in the context of  continuityof moving forwardof chronologyeyes open to the presentseeing what is thereright under our nosesSeizing every present as a point at which you sense that truth and beautyare identical as Keats makes clear in hisOde to A Grecian Urn
Amor fati is unforcedIt comes to mindwhen heraldedIt is dolce far niente(sweet doing nothing)in the midst ofwhatever you are doingLoving your life relates to the sphere ofall actionin Triadic PhilosophyThe AestheticYes the theater of life is meant to fuse truth and beauty at every pointnot as some compulsive posturingbut as your confident acceptanceof the tendency and purpose of the cosmosAmor fati

Amor Fati in Triadic Philosophy - Aphorism Seven - YouTu…