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Triadic Tales - Fifteen Minutes Before a Roaring Fire - Short Story (Part Two)

Triadic Tales - Fifteen Minutes Before a Roaring Fire - Short Story (Part Two) PART ONE
The afternoon rolled on toward evening and the coming event - dinner with her - lent an air of palpable excitement to things. Except for Adam. He had long ago determined that celebrity in itself was a fragile basis for excitation. He reserved such moments of enthusiasm for other things, many of which do not need to be named. In any case, as the cocktail hour drew nigh, Adam donned a spacious Greek natural wool sweater over his standard issue shirt and walked toward the entrance hall where everything in the rambling Vineyard home converged. 
Morton and Wife Two were standing in the hall with their eyes on the door. It was just a door actually. The house seemed to have neither a front nor a back door. It did not take a minute for headlights to pierce the gathering dark. 
She preceded the short, elderly gentleman who was her consort. As Adam was the only stranger, Morton introduced him to her, naming him…

Triadic Philosophy - Where 1 2 3 Works and When It Does Not

Charles Sanders Peirce spent a life of reasonable length elaborating what he always thought.He thought, among other things, that we move forwardand that we are social, collaborative sorts.
Foundationally, Peirce thought 1 2 3, that is to say, in threes.And he structured the categoriesat the heart of philosophyas First Second and Third.By the time Peirce elaborated everything,he had a truckload of triadsand a massive fleet of elaborations.
Peirce did not thinkwe are ciphers who willfollow even such a one as he.He thought we might build onhis notions, as folk for two thousand yearsbuilt on Aristotle -to the detriment of ethics,as Aristotle lacked a proper value system.
Now it is Promethian and unnecessaryto so immerse ourselves inPeirce's Threesthat we end up arguing about what he may have meant as a twenty year old or as a seventy year old.He might say I am  merely pointingto what an ordinary sort might inferfrom living life.Peirce said many things in passing that are,for the rock-rib…