Reject today's stratified living patterns

No small aspect of building cyber-communities is to give choice to those who reject today's stratified living patterns.

Building a car-free cybercommunity for 10,000 persons is no more challenging than creating a stadium that can seat 50,000.

The new pattern of shopping envisioned for cybercommunities creates expert-staffed, walk-to cyber-kiosks where purchases can be made for home delivery.

Kiosks in cybercommunities could be category-based, putting up on large screens the best and most economical choices from around the world.  

In America I see the interstate system is a boon to the growth of car-free cybercommunities in the areas least vulnerable to extreme weather.

The expense of living in a cybercommunity could be vastly less than the expense of owning cars and paying mortgage, upkeep and maintenance for a house.

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